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Changes Made To Quebec Experience Program W.E.F 2ND August

Sat, Jul 28 2018

Changes Made To Quebec Experience Program W.E.F 2ND August

Coming August 2, 2018 will see new immigration changes to Quebec Immigration program. One of the popular programs, The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) will be making immigration rules easier for low skilled workers and spouses.

Quebec is different form rest of the provinces of Canada as it runs its own independent immigration system independent of federal immigration authorities. There are several immigration programs run by Quebec and one of them is the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) - the most popular of them.

The new immigration change will allow accompanying spouses of international students or foreign skilled workers to obtain a spousal work permit, allowing them to work in Quebec while their partner is engaged in studying or work. Till now, the accompanying spouses were eligible to apply for a certifact de selection du Quebec (CSQ) even meeting all other requirements of PEQ. This will be changing from August 2, 2018.

Under the new guidelines for PEQ, the people on spousal open work permit will be eligible to apply for a CSQ as long as they meet all the eligibility requirements of the program.

Additionally, under the current guidelines for PEQ, an applicant must have a Quebec experience in a skilled occupation that means only those who have a work experience in a position at National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A or B were eligible to apply. However, Quebec’s new proposal does not specify a restriction based on NOC code. Now, the workers having occupational level C and D will also be eligible to apply for PEQ from August 2nd.

To be able to apply for PEQ, Quebec skilled experience is required. This can be either demonstrated through Quebec work experience or through studies completed in the province. Additionally, French requirement is also mandatory and PEQ applicants must be residing in Quebec at the time of their application.

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