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Caregivers Immigration To Canada From India Through The Interim Pathway

Caregivers Immigration To Canada From India Through The Interim Pathway

Posted On: Thu, Feb 28 2019

Interim pathway for caregivers who came to Canada after November 30, 2014, opens March 4 for three months.

Caregivers Immigration to Canada from India after November 30, 2014, and did not qualify for Canadian Permanent Residence may have another opportunity to apply for permanent residence through a new interim pathway that comes into effect March 4, 2019, and will remain open until June 4, 2019.

IRCC announced the temporary pathway along with the launch of two new improved five-year pilot programs Home Child Care and Home Support Worker Pilot that will allow spouses and dependent children to join caregivers living and working in Canada and give them a "direct pathway" to permanent residence after two years.

Interim Pathway for Caregivers

The three-month Interim Pathway for Caregivers allows individuals who have acquired work experience in Canada since November 30, 2014, as a home childcare provider, home support worker or a combination of both through Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The work experience must be in accordance with Canada's National Occupational Classification (NOC) Group 4411 or 4412 for immigration to Canada from India.

To apply for an Interim Pathway for Caregiver an applicant must have:

  • authority to work in Canada on a work permit other than a Live-in Caregiver Program work permit
  • applied for a renewal of a work permit other than a live-in Caregiver Program work permit
  • language skills of at least CLB/NCLC 5 in English or French
  • at least 12 months of full-time work experience in Canada since November 30, 2014, in a relevant occupation

There is no upper limit set on the number of applications by IRCC to accept invitations through the Interim Pathway for Caregivers.

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