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Now, Canadian Government Verify Immigrants On How Many Days Resides Within The Country

Now, Canadian Government Verify Immigrants On How Many Days Resides Within The Country

Posted On: Thu, Feb 06 2020

The ministry of Canada federal immigration is able to track the movements in entering and leaving the country since February 2019. The total number of days a foreign national resides in country is appropriate to applications of visitor visas, student permits, work permits, permanent residence and citizenship of Canada.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has been able to get the traveler details and information from CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) through the Canada Entry/Exit program. When the traveler crossed the US border from Canada, their key basic details is being sent to Canadian Border Services Agency through the form of ‘exit report’.

Now, IRCC can approach for traveler details through CBSA webpage for the enforcement and administration of immigration and citizenship program. The Basic information can take from the border including:

  • Complete Name.
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Nationality or citizenship
  • Travel document details consisting number, type and issuing country.

The Entry/ Exit program is likely to be extended to air travel in the month of June 2020.

IRCC will also able to tell if foreign nationals have overstayed the period of admission to Canada. They can verify that if the partners and sponsors living in Canada are under inland family class programs and verify that whether a refugee claimant enter into Canada by using travel documents or not.

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