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Canadian City Of Toronto Increasingly Hiring International Workers

Tue, Apr 03 2018

Canadian City Of Toronto Increasingly Hiring International Workers

Toronto- a molecular vast city in province of Ontario is increasingly employing tech workers. According to a recent study, this is because of the Canada’s fast track visa options that enables skilled personnel to come and work in the country. While whole of Canada is gradually being chosen more by immigrants, especially if they are technology workers, Toronto wins the trophy if figures are to be believed.

Following are thetop countries of origin of these tech workers being hired by Toronto technology firms,in chronological order:

  • United States
  • India  
  • China
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

Talking about the positions, Engineering is the top position among international hires, followed by sales, marketing, data scientists, operations and C-suite executives.

How to move to Toronto?

Toronto City is located in Ontario Province.

If you are looking for permanent settlement in the city, then there are two ways to consider:

1)     Either through the federal program Express Entry

2)     Or, through the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program


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