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Canada’s Provinces Unemployment Rate Lowest In November 2018

Mon, Dec 10 2018

Canada’s Provinces Unemployment Rate Lowest In November 2018

According to Statistics Canada’s monthly Labour Force Survey, Canada’s unemployment rate reached a record low in November.

The unemployment rate is the number of unemployed people as a percentage of the labour force dropped to 5.6 percent last month- a number that hasn’t been reached since comparable data become available in 1976.

The November month saw 19 million people already employed in Canada, this is an increase of 0.5 per cent over the previous month.

Employment up in six provinces

The provinces saw employment increase in November with Quebec and Alberta as the highest employers.

The province of Alberta saw the rise in employment by 24,000.

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British Columbia saw the employment increase in November with 16,000 more employed as compares to previous month. The province unemployment was lowest in Canada at 4.4 percent.

There were 20,000 increased in the number of employers employed in the month of November for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

In Quebec the number of employment grew by 26,000 in November. Also, more than four million people in Quebec were employed in November and the province’s unemployment rate stood at 5.4 percent just below the national rate of 5.6 percent. The employment increase was in professional, scientific and technical services and educational services.

The province of Saskatchewan and Manitoba also saw employment rise in November of 5,500 and 2,600 respectively.

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Top Industries in this month hired employers for the professional, scientific, technical, healthcare and social industries.

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