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Canada Reported Record High Vacancies For Skilled Workers

Tue, Mar 13 2018

Canada Reported Record High Vacancies For Skilled Workers

According to a latest news report based on the announcement of Multi-year Immigration Plan 2018-2020 by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), Canada right now, is in need of hiring number of skilled professionals. The claims of this news report is that the economy of Canada is fighting against lack of manpower in its private segment, and as a result the job openings have hopped to a breaking record in the year 2018.

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Canada earlier in 2008 too, has faced a similar situation.

Apparently, the figure of Job vacancies unoccupied is as high as 361,700 for period of past 4 months as recruiters/firms have been unable to findsuitable applicants.

Further,it has beenappealed that labourshortages are again becoming a giantobstruction to the businesses throughout the country.

Workforce Scarcity in Provinces of Canada

During the first quarter of 2017, British Columbia (BC) had an inauguralemployment opening rate of 3.4% which totals up to 60,100 opportunities.

In the same way, the job vacancy in the province of Quebec is 3.1%.

In Ontario,scenario was close to 3% again and in Saskatchewan Province, it is 2.4% during the same time.

The province of Alberta had available positions equals to 33,900 in numbers which is 2.2% vacancy rate.

The province of Manitoba and Newfoundland & Labrador also observed a quite a drop in their vacancy rates.

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