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Canada PR Visa IELTS Band Requirement 2019

Canada PR Visa IELTS Band Requirement 2019

Posted On: Wed, Dec 25 2019

What are the documents required for Canada PR ? 

With over sixty programs to offer by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada), Canada immigration is a highly organized system aiming at nominating potential immigrants who are skilled and qualified and are able to contribute to the economy of Canada. The immigration process of Canada is highly organized and systematic. There are various requirements to be met by the candidates to be eligible for the programs offered by the immigration authority. One needs to provide certain document required, funds language proficiency requirements (IELTS requirements) and others specifications for international graduates, workers, and immigrants.

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You need to meet the step by step requirements in order to immigrate to Canada successfully.

Documents Required for Canada Permanent Residency Visa – Canada Immigration New Rules 2019

There is a set eligibility criterion that every candidate must meet in order to acquire a Canada PR visa for successful immigration. In order to give proof of meeting this criterion, you must prepare basic documents which can be explained as follow:

  • Language Proficiency: Language requirement is the most important part of Canada visa. The candidates need to show their language efficiency through language exams like IELTS to show your language proficiency. You must score at least 6 bands in IELTS to be eligible for Canada PR card
  • Educational Qualifications: Educational credentials are the most basic thing that is needed by Canadian government from the applicant. A candidate must provide an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report as a proof of your stated qualifications. An ECA verifies that the candidates’ degree certificates are valid and equivalent to a Canadian one. Applicants with a Canadian degree does not need to provide an ECA
  • Skills Assessment Test: Skills assessment report is made by a valid assessing authority and is a proof of the candidate’s working experience. It is necessary that the work experience is relating to the educational qualifications of the candidate and the skill related to the work must be in the Canadian province’s labour demands

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  • Health and Character Requirements: A positive health and character certificate have to be provided to the federal government. There should be no communicable & threatening disease (such as hepatitis A) and criminal offence related to you and your family. The health and character clearance should be certified by a certified doctor and the local police respectively.
  • Proof of funds: A candidate must provide a proof of funds enough to support themselves and their family after immigrating to Canada. If a candidate has a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, there is no need to show any proof of funds.
  • Official documents: All applications are assessed on the basis of factors such as age, qualifications, skills, language, marital status etc. Therefore, a candidate must keep all the basic documents stating your age proof, marital proof, personal identification etc. 

IELTS Bands Requirements to obtain a Canada PR visa – 

Canada Immigration New Rules For IELTS 2019

Proving your Language proficiency is important to gain a Canada PR visa as per the requirements stated by IRCC.

If a candidate is applying for Canada Permanent Residency, the minimum IELTS requirements are as follow:

  • Express Entry - 6 bands in each module (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)
  • PNP - 6 bands in each module (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)
  • SINP – Occupation in-demand stream- 4.5 bands in each module (listening, Reading, writing, and Speaking) 
  • Quebec - CLB 5  (Listening 5 bands, Reading 4 bands, Writing 5 bands and Speaking 5 bands) 

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Requirements for International Graduates in Canada for Canada PR Immigration

If you have recently graduated from a university or college in Canada, you must meet the following requirements to get a Canada PR visa through Canadian Experience Class Program:

  • You must have a work experience of at least 1 year in a full-time occupation at NOC O, A or B level in Canada in the past three years
  • The experience must be gained while working legally in Canada after graduating. The work done while being a student will not be counted
  • You plan to work outside the province of Quebec
  • You must score the minimum set standards in the language tests to prove your proficiency

Funds requirements to immigrate to Canada with Permanent Residency

To show your adaptability to live overseas, a candidate needs to show a minimum of funds while applying for a Canada permanent residency immigration card.

The minimum approximate funds to be shown to IRCC while applying are:

Single applicant – 637,000 INR (approx.)

Two applicants – 790,000 INR (approx.)

Three applicants – 974,800 INR (approx.)

The exact fund's requirement is to be checked while applying as the currency value keeps on changing.

NOTE: There is no need to show any funds if the candidate is applying for Canada Permanent Resident visa with a job offer

Secondary Requirements for Canada PR Visa for Canadian immigration

There are many different immigration programs that one can apply through to obtain a Permanent Residency status. All these programs have their different set of requirements. The above-stated documents are primary along with the other specifications in the immigration programs such as:

There are various pathways for Canada immigration to become a permanent resident of Canada. Eligibility requirements and other criteria are necessary to be met by the candidate for successful migration as Canada immigration authority (IRCC) follow a transparent and unbiased system.

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