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Canada PR Options With Increasing Age Factor Points

Wed, Dec 12 2018

Canada PR Options With Increasing Age Factor Points

Age is an essential factor for Canadian Permanent Residence and not much can be done in terms of improving age. The Canadian Government is trying every possible effort to welcome more, young workers to Canada in their 20s and early 30s. The young age applicants have an advantage over applicants applying for later age.

Though, there a few options for applicants available for migrants with increasing age trying to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

So, if you are falling short of age points, you must make sure to focus on other Canada PR factors that are equally responsible for your overall immigration point score.

The Age Factor offers maximum CRS 110 points to single applicant and 100 points when applying with partner under the age group of 20-29 years. After that every point starts to decrease as age starts increasing. The high you claim immigration points, the better are your chances of getting Canada PR.

The below options might help you for increasing CRS score:

  • Improve Skill Transferability Factors:

In Skill Transferability Factor, you can claim maximum up to 100 CRS points. Here, you gain back your lost age points. For Example- your combined experience can be evaluated if you have CLB 9 and education will give you 50 points and CLB 9 with foreign work experience will also provide 50 more points. A small increase of a point or two in the language portion can increase your overall CRS score.

  • Provincial Nomination Program (PNPs)

Every province has its own way of inviting skilled and qualified workers in the province to nominate the potential applicants. The provincial nomination gives you 600 additional CRS score that entitles better Canada PR options. As the cut-off ranges in 400CRS, the additional 600 CRS will help you a lot.

  • Job Offer Letter

Well, you may immigrate to Canada without job offer letter as well but an employment from Canadian Employer will surely increase your current CRS score. The point range can be increased from 50-200 CRS points. The variance depends upon whether your occupation is LMIA approved or not.

Check Your Eligibility CRS Points/Scores

Thus, the age factor is one among many factors that are considered for Canadian Permanent Residence under skill migration visa categories namely Express Entry. The program allows skilled and qualified workers to Canada to contribute towards the growing economy. This is a two stage process where in first step the migrant must create an express entry profile online by mentioning key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability factors. The eligible applicants are then placed in the express entry pool where profile is assessed using a tool called the Comprehensive Ranking System. The highest ranking applicants are given ITA by Canadian Government through regular CIC draw.

For further information related to Canada PR and different PR programs, eligibility requirements, why not fill the free assessment form and check your evaluation chances for the same. One of visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global would contact you soon to discuss Canada PR case 

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