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Canada’s Potential Candidate For 2019 Federal Elections ‘Jagmeet Singh’ Can Bring Good News For Indian Immigrants

Thu, Feb 22 2018

Canada’s Potential Candidate For 2019 Federal Elections ‘Jagmeet Singh’ Can Bring Good News For Indian Immigrants

The potential candidate for the 2019 Canada’s federal election Jagmeet Singh made history by becoming the first Sikh man to lead Canada’ s one of the major political party. Aged, 38 years old, a lawyer, and son of Indian immigrants. A son of two immigrants, Jagmeet Singh moved from Punjab to Canada is a living missile for the immigrants to achieve their dreams in Canada.

Before entering politics, Singh was a criminal defense lawyer who was working out of Toronto and entered politics in the year 2011 by winning a seat in Ontario’s provincial elections. He is the first turban wearing Sikh man to sit in Ontario’s parliament.

Singh won the leadership race for the New Democratic Party, which is one of the Canada’s major political party. This can be a possibility of Singh going head to head against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the 2019 federal elections.

Being the son of immigrants and winning the Ontario provincial elections is a proof that Canada is moving away from the anti-immigrant policies of many Western countries. Canada provides the same opportunities for success, leadership, and governance to all those who have been in the country for generations.

What can Singh do, if he wins the 2019 Federal Elections?

If Singh wins the elections in 2019, his New Democratic Party, which supports high level of immigration, would likely to increase Canada’s immigration quotas which is definitely a good news for all the potential immigrants.

Singh in a statement said, “We want to see a country that really, meaningfully welcomes everyone.” He further added, “Makes sure that everyone has an opportunity to succeed.”

Canada’s Political System

Canada is a federal nation which conducts elections after every four years. The country is divided into 338 small electoral districts, called ridings. The party which wins the most number of ridings wins the election.

Canada has three major political parties namely the Liberal Party, led by the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, The New Democratic Party, led by the son of immigrants Jagmeet Singh, and the Conservative Party, led by Andrew Scheer. 

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