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Canada Offering Easy Solutions For The Overseas Migrants To Work!

Wed, Oct 31 2018

Canada Offering Easy Solutions For The Overseas Migrants To Work!

The Canadian Government is helping the international migrant workers to find full-time employment in their field of training as soon as the migrants land up in Canada. In earlier week Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Canadian Immigration announced a new program coming to the Toronto and Hamilton regions that will help almost 960 internationally trained newcomers get their credentials recognized in Canada.

Applying For Loans as a Newcomer to Canada

The new program that honorable minister was saying is the Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Program for Toronto. The Loan Program helps the newcomers to pay for licensing exams, training and skill courses as well as everyday living costs while their work credentials are recognized in Canada. Having a newcomer’s credentials recognized in Canada makes it easier to find full-time employment as per their unique training and skill set. This is important for Canadian Government because it means more skilled workers working in their field of expertise and contributing towards the growing economy of Canada.

Understanding The FCR Loan Program

The  FCR Loan Program was introduced in 2012 as a pilot project in ten cities across Canada. The Canadian Government is investing over $1.577 million into the program for the next eight years and it will continue to bring in foreign skilled workers in their respective fields. Most of the women will be benefited from the counseling for the programs. The Government is putting every possible effort to encourage women to take part in the program initiated by the Government.

This is a Solution to Larger Problem

The FCR Loan program is continuing to expand and promises more, and easier, foreign credential recognition for a new skilled worker means greater addition of more newcomers into Canadian job. Canada is the most preferred immigration destination for new immigrants; the city of Toronto will be an important stepping-stone for the success of this project.

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