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Canada’s New Improved PR Immigration Plan 2019-21

Thu, Nov 01 2018

Canada’s New Improved PR Immigration Plan 2019-21

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Honourable Ahmad Hussen, announced the new multi-year immigration levels plan for 2019-21. The new immigration plan will benefit all Canadians who are planning to come and contribute to Canada’s economic growth and help keep Canada’s economy sustain at top position.

The new immigration plan is laid on the basis of previous year’s plan and will continue to prosper in the coming year as well. The number of permanent residents in Canada for the year 2019 is subjected to 330,800, in 2020 it is 341,000 and in 2021- it is 350,000.

Thus, the immigration levels are surely increasing when compared with previous year immigration levels, the year 2018 target was 310,000 immigrants.

The Minister Hussen highlighted the importance of economic immigration in Canada and how it has drastically affected the Canadian economic structure. This is the government’s prime reason of focusing and attracting migrants from around the world. The majority of the increase in 2021 allotted to high-skilled economic immigration.

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The successful running of Canadian companies is the result of skilled immigrants working in those sectors to contribute towards the growing economy of Canada. The further expansion is expected in Information and Communications Technology Sector.

Canada is number one immigration destination welcoming talents to become integral part of, local communities across the country. Immigration is the driving force of Canada’s economic success. In addition to exuberant economic growth, immigration helps address the challenges Canada faces due to ageing population and the balanced immigration levels help them in keeping Canada at the forefront of the global economy.

The new updated immigration three-year plan lists the updated targets for 2019 and 2020 of 330,800 and 341,000 new permanent residents respectively, and for year 2021, the new set target is fixed at 350,000 in 2021.

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Therefore, more immigration opportunities are set to get open in the near future for the skilled and qualified migrants.

In coming three years, Canada will increase its immigration intake! So, if you are planning to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence, now is the apt time to plan your Canadian Permanent Residence. Fill the free assessment form and one of the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global would contact you soon to discuss your immigration query.

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