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Canada Is To Take Key Measures To Deal With Countries Influenced By Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted on: Fri, Mar 13 2020

Canada Is To Take Key Measures To Deal With Countries Influenced By Coronavirus Outbreak

As some countries are affected due to Coronavirus disease, Canada is going to take necessary key measures to support visa candidates who affected by Coronovirus from countries like South Korea, China and Iran. The spread of Coronavirus causes travel restrictions as well as service disruption.

Aspiring applicants from these countries who have applied for a Canadian visa would be given extra time to finish the essential procedures. As these countries are largely affected by Coronavirus, applicants from these countries are unable to accomplish the entire requirements.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) expanded the key measures for china up to 7th February and then extended to 29th February to include citizens of South Korea and Iran. Pursuant to IRCC, the following candidates will be able to avail new key measures:

  • Chinese, South Korean and Iranian nationals.
  • People who are currently residing in China, South Korea or Iran.
  • People who are affected by travel restrictions or service disruptions because of Coronavirus.

Social Disruptions may include the following:

  • Service disruption.
  • Closing of visa application centers.
  • Shorter access to local government offices and businesses.
  • Shorter access to panel physician who are able to do immigration medical exam.

Further, IRCC stated that visa application will not be closed or rejected as of insufficient documentation. Applicants will be given 90 additional days to complete the documentation part. The extra 90 days also applies to provide biometric. However, the instruction letter must be completed within 30 days; the IRCC is to give additional 90 days to those suffered from service disruption.

For permanent residence applicants, candidates who receive an Invitation to apply need to submit a PR application within 60 days. Though, IRCC now said that it would accept incomplete applications due to Coronavirus service disruptions. While applicants who have missed any important date for their citizenship application process, they need to inform IRCC within 30 days of missing the appointment. If you are residing in Canada on Visitor Visa and you are unable to leave the country, you can apply to extend your visitor visa.

Special Instructions Country-Wise:

  • China

If you are in urgent need to get permanent resident travel document, you need to email to Canadian Visa office in Beijing, china. You are required to submit the visa application through courier to Beijing office.

  • South Korea

The Canadian permanent residents in South Korea who need a permanent resident document to travel to Canada, they must submit a Web Form. You need to choose visa office as Philippines-Manila. Thus, you need to courier the visa application at Manila office.

  • Iran

The permanent residents coming from Iran who are in need of permanent resident travel document can submit a web form to IRCC. Applicants can choose their visa office at Turkey-Ankara.

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