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Canada Is All Set To Invite Around One Million Immigrants In The Next Three Years

Canada Is All Set To Invite Around One Million Immigrants In The Next Three Years

Posted On: Mon, Mar 30 2020

For the upcoming next three years, up to 2022, Canada plans to welcome around ten lakh immigrants in order to serve the economy. This news is good for especially skilled workers for those who are in technology field. As the challenges thrown up by US immigration policies, Canada is emerged the attractive alternate immigration destination.

As per press release by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), the Canadian government agency for overseas immigrants, target is 3.41 lakh permanent residents for 2020 while 3.51 lakh for 2021 and for 2022, it will be 3.61 lakh.

In the year 2019, one out of four skilled foreigners got Canada PR status and they are from India. Of 3.41 lakh of such people admitted in 2019 wherein 25.1% or 85585 people were from India. In accordance with immigration experts, Indian is expected to be the apex source country where a great number of skilled personnel particularly in the tech field will be brought from India. PR is similar to US green card under which the family have the right to stay, work or study anywhere in Canada along with a consequent path towards Canadian Citizenship.

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The Canada immigration level plan for multi year was recently tabled in Canada’s Parliament through Marco Mendicino, Minister of IRCC. He stated, “The immigration system benefits to all Canadian in order to fortify the middle class, keep families to live together and to build strong as well as inclusive communities. This will further enhance in immigration levels to aid a system that will assist in Canadian business of creating quality middle class jobs and develop the economy while ensuring Canada continues to satisfy humanitarian obligations from around the world.”

In the past few years, Canada has increased widened doors to welcome overseas immigrants, particularly skilled personnel in order to meet the demographic challenges of population and to win in a competitive worldwide marketplace. Approximately, more than half of new comers migrate through economic class, namely, Express Entry programs and Provincial Nominee programs.

Canada immigration follows a point based system and the latest CRS score is 467 and around 3232 invitations were issued for permanent residency. For further information in this regard, get in touch with Aptech Global. By filling the online assessment form, you will soon receive a call back from one of our Canada visa consultants.  


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