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Start-up Visa As A Permanent Feature In 2018 For Canada Immigration – PR Visa

Tue, Aug 01 2017

Start-up Visa As A Permanent Feature In 2018 For Canada Immigration – PR Visa

Start-up visa as a permanent feature in 2018 for Canada immigration – PR Visa The federal government of Canada has introduced the Start-up Visa Program as a regular feature of Canada immigration commencing from the year of 2018. The Start-up Visa program that was launched by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in the year 2013, will be amended as a regular and permanent program when the current pilot expires.

What is Start-up visa Program for Canada immigration?

The start-up visa immigration program is for those immigrants who want to establish their companies in Canada as an entrepreneur or partners with other private organisations that are already established in Canada.

Since 2013, 117 applicants have been nominated through this program for Canada PR immigration. These immigrants launched start-ups and established their companies in Canada either on their own or took funds, guidance and consultancy from the private enterprises operating in Canada.

Canada immigration aims at nominating more potential immigrants who could bring their expertise and innovative start-ups to contribute in the Canadian economy.

There can be a maximum of 5 visa candidates applying for Canada PR visa as part of the same start-up program. 2013,canadian nations that are already established in Canada. as a regular and permanent program when the current pilot

Why is Start-up Visa needed in Canada?

The decision of making the start-up visa pathway as a permanent program is made by Canadian government after identifying the potential of the innovative and skilled immigrants to contribute to the economy. Entrepreneurship and start-ups are being seen as an important added value in the future. Immigrants will be in a benefit of excellent opportunities and quality working conditions while the setting up of new organisations will create new jobs and bring growth in the economy too.

Eligibility requirements for start-up visa­ – Canada PR

  • Following requirement has to be met by the applicant in order to get a Canada PR visa:
  • Language proficiency in English and/or French (CLB score 5)
  • Eligibility to immigrate in the desired province (Except Quebec)
  • Sufficient funds to settle in Canada and start-up a business
  • Proof of business being supported by a registered organisation


Launching this migration pathway as a permanent regular program in Canada immigration will welcome more immigrants with many opportunities. If you have the potential of setting up your own business as a start-up in Canada and you find yourself eligible for it, you can apply for your permanent residency with the help of Aptech Global and their qualified Canada PR experts. Fill yourFree Assessment Form today and call/Email us at- 011-470207308447153819 (Delhi)/ info@aptechvisa.com 

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