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Canada Future Lies In Improving Foreign Worker Program!

Wed, Jun 20 2018

Canada Future Lies In Improving Foreign Worker Program!

Canada’s economic growth is largely dependent on foreign worker program. The government should be able to access and retain skilled workers to empower the workforce. The future of Canada is determined by the implementation of economic policies.

The collaboration of Provisional Foreign worker program and Economic Action Plan of Canada caters to the labour market and economic interests of Canada. The Canadian government in its 2018 budget allotted 194.1 million dollars for 5 years to ensure protection of rights of provisional foreign workers. Additionally, after 5 years tenure, a total of 33.19 million dollars will be allocated annually, as quoted by the CIC News.

The funds allocated for provisional foreign worker program by the government will support the program.  It will also endure the Overseas Compliance Regime and collect data from the labour market for Open Work Visas.

The budget 2018 has also proposed 3.4 million dollars over the next 2 years to launch a pilot network for support agencies for workers to deal with the potential abuse from employers. The network would also assist workers in informing about wrongdoings. It will also inform the workers about certain rights that will help them to remain provisionally in Canada and work in the country without any fear of abuse and harassment.

The Canadian authorities of the TFWP must be accountable to the standards mentioned under the administrative law in Canada. Their decisions must also be able to appeal and review wherever necessary. The decisions that are subject to review will be scrutinized and deliberated at an enhanced level.

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