• Fri, May 06 2022
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British Columbia conducted a general draw and targeted draw for certain NOC’s.

On May 3, 2022, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) held its weekly round of invites. The Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level, and Semi-Skilled subcategories received invites for the draw.

In the general draw, 141 BC immigrants were urged to seek a provincial nomination, which included a tech occupation. While the targeted NOC for Childcare: Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (NOC 4214) received 28 invites, Healthcare professionals received 9, and other essential occupations received less than 5. (NOCs 3114, 3213).

The BC PNP will periodically send out invitations to those in the registration pool to apply for the program the information provided in registrations is used to create ITAs.

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Candidates who are most likely to satisfy B.C.'s economic and labor market needs will be ranked, selected, and invited based on the information supplied in their registrations. Depending on the program for which they were eligible, candidates with scores ranging from 77 to 123 received invitations. Candidates in the targeted occupation groups had to achieve a minimum score of 65.

The following is a table of the results of the drawing:


Number of Invitations




Minimum Score


May 3, 2022








Skilled Worker


General Draw (include tech occupations)

Skilled Worker - EEBC option


International Graduate



International Graduate - EEBC option


Entry Level and







Minimum Score


May 3, 2022




Skilled Worker, International Graduate (including EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214)



Skilled Worker, International Graduate,

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

(includes EEBC option)



 Targeted draw: Healthcare



Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Other priority occupations (NOCs 3114, 3213)

British Columbia put out separate invitations for these two jobs twice a month during the outbreak. Because of the large number of candidates from specific labor market sectors who have registered in the province's Skills Immigration Registration System, several separate draws are being held.

The British Provincial Candidate Program was established to attract professionals from all across the world. The BC PNP has two well-known streams: skilled immigration and Express Entry.

The BC PNP has a well-defined pattern. To begin, you must first create an account and fill out all of the required fields. Calculate the focus by considering a variety of characteristics including age, work experience, and teaching ability, among others.

You must first apply to Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship, and Immigration Canada before applying to the BC PNP for a Canada migration (IRCC). Fill out Aptech Visa's free online evaluation form instead of deliberating.