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BC PNP Latest Draw Issues 92 Invitations For Tech Skilled Workers On May 12, 2020

BC PNP Latest Draw Issues 92 Invitations For Tech Skilled Workers On May 12, 2020

Posted On: Thu, May 14 2020

The British Columbia PNP has declared the latest round of invitations for only tech pilot draw on 12th May 2020 wherein eligible applicants were invited from mainly two category, namely skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry BC (EEBC). In this BC PNP draw, an overall of 92 invitations were issued to get provincial nomination for British Columbia.

For Skills Immigration Category

To apply from Skills Immigration stream, candidates from skilled workers and International graduate will be invited. For both subcategories, applicants who had a minimum immigration points of 80 or above will be given preference to become permanent residence of British Columbia.

For Express Entry BC Category

Skilled Worker and International Graduate who apply from Express Entry category, they must score a minimum 80 immigration points or above. The overall immigration points will be evaluated on behalf of applicant’s age, education, work experience, language proficiency and adaptability factors.

The following table shows the final results of the new BC PNP draw:


Number of



Minimum Immigration Score

Other Consideration



May 12, 2020




SI- Skilled Worker




Tech Pilot

SI-International Graduate


EEBC- Skilled Worker


EEBC- International Graduate


It is required that Candidates must have a valid profile and those who got successful nomination, they can further apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) for permanent residence of Canada. The number of nominations based on various immigration programs and on economic factors of inviting skilled worker overseas.

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