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BC PNP issued a total of 34 Invitations in the latest tech Pilot Draw

The recent Tech Pilot draw for the BC PNP held on September 08, 2021 issued a total of 34 invitations under the Express Entry and Skills immigration category.

The invited candidates belonged to the Skilled Worker and the International graduate sub category. The minimum score required for the invitation was 80 for both the sub-category.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot draw serves the purpose of inviting IT workers and international students who are in demand in the economic market in the province of British Columbia. Such candidates are required to apply for the permanent residency through the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

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You can have a glance at the table below for better understanding of the outcomes of the Tech Pilot draw.

Date of invitation


Date of invitation



Number of invitations





Minimum score


Other considerations


08th August, 2021





SI- Skilled Worker




Tech Pilot draw

SI-International Graduate


EEBC-Skilled Worker


EEBC-International Graduate



What is the Tech Pilot draw?

The BC PNP Tech Pilot draw provides accelerated and efficient immigration pathways for the candidates who possess technical skills and are seeking a work opportunity in the British Columbia province. There are 29 eligible occupations bulleted in the Tech Pilot and an immigration aspirant is required to have a valid job offer for at least a minimum of 12 months of offer in one of those occupations.

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