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BC PNP Issued 34 Invitations In The Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held On July 28, 2020

BC PNP Issued 34 Invitations In The Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held On July 28, 2020

Posted On: Wed, Jul 29 2020

On July 28, 2020, The latest BC PNP Draw issued 34 invitations to the tech pilot candidates who applied under the BC PNP. You all know that BC PNP is the fastest immigration pathway for the tech workers and the international students who’re in high demand in Canada. The British Columbia program was introduced in 2017 to provide a great support to the employers of the British Columbia and to captivate the eyeballs of the skilled professionals in the Information Technology sector.

The main focus of attention of the BC PNP was to simplify the entire process of immigration for both the Skilled workers and international graduates who wish to work and earn their living in the beautiful province of British Columbia on a permanent basis, and want to make their future as bright as the shining star.

The latest BC PNP Tech Pilot Draw issued invitations to candidates who applied under the skilled worker and international graduate category of the Express Entry BC and the Skilled Immigration Streams.


The candidates with a provincial nomination score as low as 80 were invited in all the categories. Understand with the help of a table given below, so that you get a clear insight into how the tech pilot draw issued the invitations.

Number of Invitations Categories Minimum Score
 34   SI – Skilled Worker 80
SI – International Graduate 80
EEBC – Skilled Worker 80
EEBC – International Graduate 80
 7 Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category 125
 5 Entrepreneur Immigration - Regional Pilot 123

Moreover, under the category of entrepreneur immigration, BC PNP issued 7 invitations to the candidates who applied under this category.
The score of the lowest selected candidate under the employee immigration base category was 125.

So, do you want to apply for the BC PNP and accomplish your goal of getting a Canada PR? Well, apply now and travel post the corona crisis is over. Also, fill in the free online assessment form, evaluate your eligibility for the BC PNP and you’re all set to enter the castle of success with great ease. Good Luck!


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