• Fri, Aug 12 2022
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BC PNP holds a draw for targeted NOC including tech occupations.

Regionally targeted draw including jobs: 155 new invitations were sent out by British Columbia to potential nominees on August 10, 2022. 155 persons were requested to submit applications for a provincial nomination in one of BC's most recent draws, which also included tech professionals.

On August 10, candidates who met the requirements of the British Columbia Nominee Program's five Express Entry and Skills Immigration streams were invited to the drawing.

  1.  SI – Skilled Worker
  2.  SI – International Graduate
  3.  SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
  4.  EEBC – International Graduate
  5.  EEBC Skilled Worker

The British Columbia Skills Immigration Stream is a collection of immigration paths offered by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

For workers and graduates who desire to live in the province, British Columbia's nominee streams offer a way to get permanent residence in Canada. A valid job offer from a BC company is required for the majority of BCPNP Skills Immigration programs.

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Once more, British Columbia held a separate draw with a 60-point cut-off for candidates having expertise, in particular, NOC codes. BC designed these draws to strike a balance between the demands of the province's diverse businesses on the labor market. As the labor market changes, draw needs may also change.

Targeted Draw for the BC PNP: less than 20

Candidates with experience in occupation codes 4214 (Early Childhood Educators and Assistants), 3413 (Healthcare assistants),3114 (Veterinarians), 3213 (Animal Health Technologists and Veterinary Technicians), and healthcare were asked to apply.

Date Number of Invitation Category Minimum Score Description

August 10, 2022


Skilled Worker


Targeted draw: Regional

(Includes tech occupations)

Skilled Worker – EEBC option


International Graduate


International Graduate – EEBC option


Entry Level and Semi-Skilled


August 10, 2022


Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Regional,

Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214)


Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level, and Semi-Skilled (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Regional, Healthcare


Entry Level and Semi-Skilled


Targeted draw: Regional, Healthcare: Health care assistants (NOC 3413)


Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Regional, other priority occupations (NOCs 3114, 3213)

Concerning the BC PNP

The BC PNP's objective is to recruit highly sought-after foreign workers who desire to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

The two main sub-streams of the BC PNP's immigration program are Express Entry and Skills Immigration. These streams are governed by the BC Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). To apply via the SIRS, you must first create an account. Following that, you will receive a score based on your education, work experience, and language ability.

The best candidates from each subcategory are then urged to apply for a provincial nomination to seek permanent status when British Columbia has one of its routine draws.

If you were invited, you have 30 days from the invitation date to submit a complete application using the BC PNP online system.

After completing a thorough BC PNP application file, you will typically hear from the province within two to three months. If your nomination is approved, you can submit an application to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent resident status under the Provincial Nominee Class.

The nomination is valid for around six months after confirmation.

If you are a provincial applicant and have a score high enough to be invited to apply (ITA) in a future federal Express Entry Draw, you may be qualified for an extra 600 points under the CRS.

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