• Wed, Jun 15 2022
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BC PNP conducts a new draw on June 14th for General and Targeted NOC’s

The BC PNP holds a draw for specific vocations as well as general and technical occupations. On June 14th, the westernmost province of British Columbia staged a fresh Provincial Nominee Program draw. Under its Provincial Nominee Program, British Columbia staged a general draw for immigration applications, including computer workers, as well as four customized draws (PNP).

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) accepted 138 qualified persons, foreign graduates, and entry-level and semi-skilled employees through the BC PNP General Draw Including Tech Occupations.

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Other contests aimed toward children's services include: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214) received 12 applications, including 7 from healthcare, whereas other priority profession workers (NOC 3114 AND 3213) received less than 5 applications.

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Number of Invitations


Minimum Score


June 14th, 2022



Skilled Workers


General draw (includes tech occupations)

Skilled Worker - EEBC option


International Graduate


International Graduate - EEBC option


Entry Level and Semi-Skilled



June 14th, 2022


Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214)



Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level, and Semi-Skilled (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Healthcare



Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Other priority occupations (NOCs 3114, 3213)

Customized invitations have been sent out in addition to general draws since March to support BC government priorities such as aiding specific industrial sectors and increasing regional immigration.

In British Columbia, the PNP 

The BC PNP strives to attract foreign employees who want to make Canada their permanent home and are in high demand in the province.

Skills Immigration and Express Entry are the two main immigration streams in the BC PNP, both of which are separated into sub-categories. British Columbia's Skills Immigration Registration System is in charge of these streams (SIRS). Before you may apply, you must first create an account with the SIRS. Then you'll be given a score based on things including your education, employment experience, and language skills.

When British Columbia has one of its regular draws, the top-scoring candidates from each sub-category are asked to apply for a provincial nomination to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

The BC PNP online system will give you 30 days from the date of the invitation to complete and submit a comprehensive application.

After submitting a complete BC PNP application, you will be informed of the province's verdict within two to three months. If your nomination is accepted, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Provincial Nominee Class with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

From the date of confirmation, the nomination is valid for about six months.

As a provincial nominee under the CRS, you can gain an extra 600 points, allowing you to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in a later federal Express Entry draw.