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Alberta Rural Immigration Programs Targets 40,000 Newcomers

Alberta Rural Immigration Programs Targets 40,000 Newcomers

Posted On: Thu, Nov 14 2019

The Alberta Immigration department is considering working on program design and “continuous to explore various options” for two Alberta immigration programs. The consultation on the programs will begin later this year with stakeholders such as employers, settlement organizations, experts and immigrants who are already established in Alberta.

The immigration department pledges to create the Rural Renewal Program and the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program to revitalize smaller communities around the province. A news release issued by Kenney’s United Conservative Party (UCP) in February said the proposed programs would help bring skilled foreign workers and entrepreneurs to rural Alberta communities such as Brooks and Wood Buffalo. Both the proposed pathways could channel a combined 40,000 new permanent residents to these communities and 32,000 through the Rural Renewal Program and 8,000 through the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program.

Around 20 percent of all newcomers to Manitoba settle in rural communities around the province and communities. The province thus attracts and retains these immigrants in rural communities. The Rural Renewal Program will be linked to federal Express Entry system which is Canada's principal source of skilled foreign labour. Express Entry manages the pool of candidates under Canada's three main economic-class immigration programs- the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

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