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Alberta Immigration For Rural Communities Might Bring 40000 Newcomers By 2024

Alberta Immigration For Rural Communities Might Bring 40000 Newcomers By 2024

Posted On: Fri, Dec 27 2019

Alberta’s rural communities will get a boost of around 40,000 newcomers over the next four year under policies being proposed by the province’s United Conservative Party. Alberta should use the power of immigration to renew the provinces smaller, rural communities and the party would use an immigration strategy around two key components: the Rural Renewal Program and the Rural Entrepreneurial Stream.

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If both pathways are combined there could be as many as 10,000 new permanent residents to the province’s rural communities each year.Kenny, (ex-immigration minister of Alberta) says, “The goal will be to end large backlogs, speed up processing times, proactively attract talented newcomers from overseas welcome job-creating entrepreneurs and encourage settlement in rural Alberta, which needs population the most.”

The program can bring approximately 32,000 new permanent residences over four years including principal applicants and their accompanying spouses and dependent children.“Participating communities would be able to recruit, screen and nominate their own candidates,” he said provided the applicants are living in the community on a temporary work permit or applicants living overseas.

Kenney concrete a link between the Rural Renewal Program and Canada’s Federal Express Entry System, saying candidates who received a nomination through the program would benefit from “extra points” under Canada Express Entry System.

The successful provincial nomination from Alberta will give 600 points towards the overall immigration ranking score that will effectively guarantee the invitation to apply through the Canada Express Entry system for permanent Resident Visa.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program will “interface” with the federal government that recently announced the community-driven Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Project.

Rural Entrepreneurial Stream

Alberta will also attract immigrant entrepreneurs to small communities to encourage a new generation of immigrant entrepreneurs to settle and create new job opportunities. If UCP party comes into power than they will like to introduce Rural Entrepreneurial Stream in Alberta with the goal of welcoming 500 experienced immigrant entrepreneurs a year.

The ex-Minister estimated that the four-year intake of 2,000 entrepreneurs would result in 8,000 newcomers to rural communities over a period of four years. These businesses would create at least 4,000 jobs which he described as "a very modest estimate."

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