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A New Reconsideration Process Introduced By AINP

Wed, Apr 11 2018

A New Reconsideration Process Introduced By AINP

For candidates who has faced rejection on their AINP applications, a new system of reconsideration of applications has been introduced by the province. The system has been in effect from 1st of March, 2018. However, not all the rejected applications are eligible for reconsideration request.

Primary conditions to apply for reconsideration are that the request has to be submitted within 30 days of receiving rejection and the reasons for reconsideration must be directly related to the reason(s) mentioned in the rejection letter.

Other than that, AINP issued the following guidelines for usage this new system-

1. Reconsideration must be requested only if:

a)      Applicant claims reconsideration within 30 days of receiving rejection letter

b)     Applicant claims reconsideration for the same application which has been submitted earlier

c)      Applicant claims reconsideration under the same name which has been mentioned in the application earlier

2. Reasons for reconsiderations must be:

a)      Directly related to reason on which the application has been rejected

b)     Directly showcasing that an error has been made by AINP in applying program criteria to the application

3. Grounds on which reconsideration system cannot be used:

a)      Altering of old document with a newer document resulting in fresh eligibility for AINP

b)     Asking for exemption under one of the many eligibility requirements for AINP

c)      Requesting Re-consideration on Sympathetic grounds


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