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3500 ITAs Issued With CRS 441 In Latest Express Entry Draw

Thu, Sep 20 2018

3500 ITAs Issued With CRS 441 In Latest Express Entry Draw

This is to inform that latest CIC draw invited 3,500 express entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence with a Comprehensive Ranking System score 441. The tie-break date and time was used in this draw. The tie-break date was September 6, 2018 and time was 10:28:45 UTC, this means that all the candidates with CRS 441 who have submitted their profiles within specified date and time received invitations in this round.

In this current draw, the invitations have been less as compared to the previous Express Entry draw of September 5, 2018 with 3,900 ITAs issued. Though, it is still larger than the expected number of ITAs issued by the Canadian government in 2017.

IRCC has now issued a total of 62,100 ITAs over 19 draws in 2018; this is slightly ahead of 60,742 ITAs that were issued over the first 19 draws of 2017.

However, IRCC had issued 66,549 ITAs in 2017 by this same time in September that leaves IRCC 4,449 ITAs behind last year’s pace.

Going by the recent CIC draw results, it is speculated that Canada might surpass the number of OTAs issued in 2017 with more number of ITAs for this year.

The Express Entry system manages the profiles in three main federal economic immigration programs namely The Federal Skilled Worker Class, The Federal Skilled Worker Class, The Federal Skilled Trades Class and The Canadian Experience Class.

The highest ranking Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score candidates get an invitation to apply for Express Entry program

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