20% more people will be able to participate in International Experience Canada.

International Experience Canada announced today that it will increase its application pool for the coming year at a news conference in Banff, Alberta. On January 9, 2023, the program will begin.

The IEC program allows young people to work and travel for up to two years in Canada from any of the 36 partner nations of Canada. Approximately 15,000 more openings will be available on January 9th, 2023, a 20% increase. As a result, "close to 90,000 applications will be accepted into the Canadian tourism industry, including those from teenagers who speak French." This will support companies in filling labor needs and open up seasonal employment opportunities to French-speaking teenagers.

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Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser says that the government is helping more foreign youths to work and travel in Canada, helping employers locate competent workers. We can improve our economy and help our businesses succeed by giving young people the opportunity to travel abroad, especially in places like Banff where seasonal workers are needed.

Finally, Canada will be able to further two highly desired objectives with this upcoming change to the International Experience Canada program: to assist Canadian employers in finding the workers they require and to assist young people in discovering new cultures, languages, and societies while improving their life skills and job prospects for the future."

About the Canada International Experience Program

There are three streams in the International Experience Canada Program (IEC), and they are described below:

Working Holiday: To "finance their travels," IEC participants who choose the Working Holiday stream will receive an open work visa, allowing them to work virtually anywhere in the host country.

International Co-op (Internship): The International Co-op (Internship) program allows students to obtain a focused work visa for their chosen profession by gaining relevant work experience.

Young Professionals: Young Professional IEC participants receive an employer-specific work visa, exactly like individuals who take part in international co-ops. In addition, the experience these students obtain is intended to help them pursue their ideal career path, not just by giving them the chance to "earn targeted, professional work experience that is within their field of study."


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