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13 Invitations Are Issued By Ontario Under Its Entrepreneur Stream

Tue, Apr 17 2018

13 Invitations Are Issued By Ontario Under Its Entrepreneur Stream

In a recent round of invitations, the province of Ontario has issued 13 new Invitations to applicants under its Entrepreneur Stream. The cut-off at which the draw was conducted is score of 132. The Entrepreneur Stream is a popular Immigration stream under Ontario’s Immigration Nominee Program (OINP).

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OINP’s Entrepreneur Stream

The selection method of this stream is both ‘self-declaration of interest’ and ‘point based’.

This means that the candidates interested to apply for the Entrepreneur Stream has to first submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI). Based on individual’s point’s score, an invitation is then issued to candidate.

The selection is made from the EOI pool of candidates.

Other than this method of selection, Ontario also nominates candidates currently on temporary work permits and looking forward to be a Permanent Resident of the country.

The basis of nomination are:

  • Performance agreement
  • Job creation agreement
  • Investment agreement

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