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Canada Immigration Eligibility : What is the Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR

Welcome to the Aptech Visa guide to Canadian immigration, relocating to a new country is an exciting and a somewhat challenging process. Our guide is aimed to help you understand the process in place for you to live and work in Canada.Canada’s growing economy requires foreign skilled workers in high-demand occupations. And if you are looking for immigrating Canada, you are required to check the eligibility requirements first:

canada eligibility
  • Eligible occupations:-
    To apply for Canada immigration visa, your occupation must be listed on theskilled occupation list Canada.Some occupations have additional work experience, English language and specialisation, licensing requirements that are noted on the Visa Nomination Occupation Lists.
  • Points:-:
    Ensure you must meet minimum points requirements 67/100 points, based your age, education, work experience, adaptability, arranged employment.
    Age12 points
    Education25 points
    Work Experience15 points
    Language Proficiency28 points
    Adaptability10 points
    Arranged Employment10 points
    Canada immigration points calculator
  • Age:-
    You must be below age 49 to lodge an application for the Canada Immigration visa.
  • Qualification:-
    If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you must have a certificate, diploma or degree from recognized institute of your country.
  • Work Experience:-
    If you want to apply Canada immigration as a foreign skilled worker, at least 1 year full time skilled work experience or an equal part-time amount of work experience is required under any one of these National
    • Managerial jobs (skill type 0)
    • Professional jobs (skill level A)
    • Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B)
    Find Your NOC code here
  • Language Proficiency:-
    Primary applicant must have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least IELTS 6 bands in each score. There are some occupations under which higher standard of English language are required for the purpose of state nomination.
    Please note some of province in Canada also accepts your immigration application at IELTS 4.5 bands in each like- Saskatchewan PNP, Manitoba PNP, Quebec Skilled worker program etc.) For Canada immigration
  • Sufficient Funds:
    When you are planning to migrate to Canada, you need to ensure that you have enough funds is available for you and any family members who are dependent on you. Financial requirements are in place to ensure you can support yourself and your family before you find work.
    See the table below for minimum required funds, an important factor as Canada Immigration eligibility.
    You must prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family members after you arrive in Canada.
PersonFunds in CAD$
For each additional family member$3,414
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What Are The Reasons of Delay For My Visa Application?

There are list of possible reasons that may cause for the delays in PR application processing
Delays can possibly result from and include:

  • Poor documentation and presentation
  • Misunderstanding of visa requirements
  • The need for an interview
  • Health issues
  • Complications in the criminal or security status of the applicant or dependents
  • Applicant’s difficulty in obtaining satisfactory supporting documents
  • Additional supporting documents requests by the Visa immigration department
  • Application backlogs, staffing limits, identified priorities at Visa Office
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If you feel that your application could be delayed due to one or more of the reasons mentioned above, then you should contact your local Citizens Advice, or contact a local solicitor for advice as soon as possible. Because The rules are complicated for PR visa, or Contact out immigration Expert immediately .

Aptech Visa and Immigration Central Intake office contact centre
Ph : 011–46254693
Mob : +91 7503832132 / +91 8447281370
Email : info@aptechvisa.com
Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 6.30pm.
The service can be busy, so you may be waiting for some time.

Why Should You Hire Aptech Visa for Immigration Consultant?

There are various self-assessment facilities on the Internet which can give you a Common idea of Canada Immigration Eligibility to apply for a Canada PR visa.

However these facilities are not reliable enough to recognize intricacy of a case that may or may not have a significant impact on the practicability of an application.

A regular change in the immigration law also adds on the difficulty to have an accurate analysis. There are instances when application is ended wrongly. Due to multiplicity of the visa structure, sometime the important aspects are lost which will lead to faster processing.

An assessment done by a registered Canada immigration consultant (esp. one who works primarily on skilled migration to Canada) should be far more accurate when assessing skilled related Canadian visas.
Can Immigration Authorities or Embassy assist you in preparing application as per the guidelines before applying?

Unfortunately, this service is no longer provided by the Immigration department. The authorities exists enforce the immigration law make decisions on residence applications and to issue visas. However, the basic information and application forms are available on the immigration website. The authorities suggests applicants to utilize the services of immigration consultancy that can help you in filing for visa application & eligibility for pr in canada from india.


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