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How to Create Express Entry Profile?

Express Entry came into existence after replacing the earlier Expression of Interest paper-based system. Now candidates are required to file their skilled immigration application online, by creating their Express Entry Profile. Based on the information you provide about yourself in your unique Express Entry profile, it will get a position in the pool among other candidates.

This position is very vital as it eventually becomes your force to take delivery of ITA before the rest of the candidates in the pool with average ranking profiles. Therefore, it is imperative that you should have a flawless and a high in rank profile for getting invitation from CIC as early as possible.

express entry profile

Consider These Points For Creating a High Ranking Express Entry Profile

1) Apply as Timely as Possible

Your age is not just a number when it comes to filing of your Express Entry profile. Candidate’s age carries score which can get reduced with adding numbers in your age. Therefore, filing your Express Entry as soon as possible can make your profile high ranked in the pool. Note that the maximum points on your age factor is given if your age is between 20 and 29 years.

2) Make Improvements in Your Qualifications

Your ‘Level of Education’ also gets a point score and improves your profile. A graduate degree will fetch you 30 points while masters degree will fetch you 135 points. A PhD holder will earn maximum of 150 points. Note that a graduation (3 year degree) is the minimum eligibility and you have to have bachelors for filing Express Entry Profile. To boost your score for Education factor, you can opt for a diploma or any 1 year degree course that can give you additional points.

3) Get ECA Done- No Matter What!

ECA i.e., Educational Credential Assessment is necessary to prove that the level of education you are claiming, is actually at par with that of Canadian standards. It is really an important process to dwell in before deciding to apply for Express Entry. This is because ECA establishes the point score you will get for your education. If you have having a master’s degree which has an ECA equivalency of a Bachelors’, then you will get the score which a Bachelor holder will fetch. Thus, ECA is obligatory.

4) Increase Your Language Scores

The language factor can work wonders for your Express Entry Profile. Though, the minimum language test score (IELTS examination score) which is mandatory to be eligible, is 6 bands in each module. However, to have a competent profile with high chances of selection, a high IELTS band score is a compulsion. There are number of ways to make room for improvements in your language skills such as getting Aptech IELTS study material kit 2019, designed by our team of experts.

5) Foreign Work Experience Points

Your Express Entry profile under Human Capital factors renders points for foreign work experience (work experience in one’s home country). For Express Entry, only work experience classified as Skill Type 0, Level A, or Level B in NOC (National Occupation Code) demand list is considered eligible as foreign work experience. Refer to latest NOC demand list 2019

6) Include Your Spouse

Your Express Entry Profile rank can be improved drastically by adding points on behalf of your spouse/ common-law partner. You can claim points on your spouse Human Capital Factors such as Spouse’s education and Spouse’s language proficiency. Also, try calculating how many points your partner’s profile would get if they were the principal applicant instead of you.


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