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Canada Express Entry Eligibility - Who is Eligible for Express Entry Canada

Canada's Express Entry system arranges for a fast-track pathway to permanently migrate to Canada. It is the fastest Canadian Immigration pathway by which individuals and families apply to move to Maple country to become its new permanent residents. The program is mainly designed for that skilled professional who meets the express entry canada requirements criteria and is genuinely seeking a permanent settlement to settle down in the most beautiful country.

Express Entry is conventional immigration system worldwide that was introduced in 2015 and since then it has become the main economic driver for the Canadian Immigration. It manages applications under the below listed federal economic immigration programs:

express entry eligibility

Check your Canada Express Entry Eligibility

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): The program is for well-qualified, skilled and foreign workers that are needed in the Canadian labour market.
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): The program is for foreign skilled trade people having relevant trade work experience in an eligible occupation.
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC): The program is for skilled, experienced workers who have already been to Canada lived and worked there for at least one year or full-time skilled work experience.
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Express Entry is a more popular and accepted form of the program because of its faster processing time (within 6 months or less) as well as the ‘Federal Program' tag it carries along. Those applicants who can meet the Canada Express Entry eligibility factors can easily apply for Canada PR program.

The Canadian Provinces and territories are not far behind in welcoming eligible candidates through the Provincial Nominee Programs (including Express Entry aligned streams) for meeting the expectations of local labour needs.

List of Canada Express Entry Eligibility Criteria

Canada Express Entry is a dream to many but a reality for few! Do you wish to know the minimum eligibility requirements for an express entry that will bring you one step closer to your Canadian immigration dream?

Confirm Your Occupation NOC Code Listed On The CIC Website

An essential requirement is checking your occupation listed on the relevant eligible skilled occupations (NOC type A, 0, or B). Additionally, you must have related documents to support that you have pre-requisites skills and qualification to work in that occupation.

Check Your Immigration Points & CRS

Next step is to check if you are having the minimum point score to meet the point eligibility criteria for Express entry. The minimum passing score for Canada Express Entry must be 67 or more.

In totality, a nomination from a particular province, relative residing in Canada or a job offer from the Canadian employer are the additional factors that sum up your total score called Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS). The CRS score must be good and high from other candidates in the Express Entry pool to get an invitation letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

It is interesting to know that 80% of immigration cases application for permanent residence to the final decision is made within 6 months.

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I am Lacking the Minimum Score Canada Express Entry. What Shall I do?

There is no need to worry! Relax as you can easily improve the score to meet the Canda Express Entry points eligibility criteria.

I Improved My Score. How to Notify CIC?

There is no requirement of notifying to CIC. You need to make changes in your Canada Express Entry profile and after doing those changes, re-calculate the total CRS score and update your profile. The Canadian Immigration department lets you do changes any time provided you must be able to meet the required point score eligibility at the time of applying for PR.

How Long does an Express Entry to Canada Take?

The Canada Express Entry processing time for 80 percent of applications is 6 months or less. However, the Canada PR processing time varies according to the individual application and other related factors responsible for receiving Canada PR. So, make sure that you are ready with all the available documents and complete application for faster Canada PR processing.

Other Canada Express Entry Eligibility Factors Includes

  • Age: If and when you are invited to apply for Canada Permanent Resident visa, you shall not fall over 45 years of age
  • Education: If and when you are invited to apply for PR visa, you shall at least be a ‘Graduate’ degree holder (or any equivalent degree holder)
  • Work experience: If and when you are invited to apply for Canada Permanent Resident visa, you shall at least be having a minimum of 12 months working experience
  • English Proficiency: If and when you are invited to apply for PR visa, you shall at least be having Competent English equals to CLB 7
  • Health: If and when you are invited to apply for a Permanent Resident visa, you shall be meeting health requirements.
  • Character: If you are invited to apply for 'Canada PR visa', you are required to have a good character certificate as 'Canada express entry eligibility'.
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