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  • Multiple Entry visa


  • CAD $ 150 + 85 Biometric = CAD $ 235

Processing time

  • 16- 18 months

Canada Child Sponsorship

If you’re a Canadian citizen or Canada PR visa holder and you want to sponsor your dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada, yes, you can if you meet the below requirements.

  1. If you are ready to take responsibility to support them financially.
  2. If you are economically independent and not taking social assistance from the Canadian Govt.
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Are you eligible to sponsor your children?

You can sponsor your dependent children if you meet the below requirements.

  • Age:
    The applicant must be 18 years old or above.

  • Immigration status:
    You Must be a Canadian citizen or Canadian PR holder. If you are a Canadian citizen and live outside Canada, you must live in Canada. You cannot sponsor your child if you are a Canada PR holder and residing outside Canada.

  • Financial undertaking:
    You also need to promise to financially take care of your children for a certain period. This time is known as a promising undertaking.

  • Length of Undertaking:
    Please note Length of the undertaking depends upon the age of the children. If the child is under 22 years of age, then the length of the undertaking will be for ten years or until the age of 25, whichever comes first. If the child is age 22, then the length of the undertaking will be for three years.

  • Income requirement:
    Although there isn’t an income requirement to sponsor your dependent child, your application will be considered substantial if the sponsor meets below income requirements.

  • Federal Income Table
    Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income
    1 person (the sponsor) $26,426
    For 2 members $32,898
    For 3 members $40,444
    For 4 members $49,106
    For 5 members $55,694
    For 6 members $62,814
    For 7 members $69,934

How to apply for / sponsor your children

To apply for the Canada children sponsorship application, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Check eligibility:
    Before applying for your Canadian child, the visa you need to check the sponsor (living in Canada on the PR or Citizenship) and the child being sponsored meets eligibility requirements. Once you are sure about the eligibility, you can proceed to the second step.

  • Gather your documents:
    The documents and forms requirements may vary from case to case. Therefore, prepare your documents very carefully; if you submit your incomplete application, CIC will return your application without assessing, and the fee will not be refundable.
    Please coordinate with our experience consultant for professional guidance to know more about documents and forms.

  • Apply for a Canada Child visa:
    Once you are ready with all applicable forms and documents, you can submit both applications (Sponsorship and Canada child PR application) by paying the appropriate fee. You also need to provide biometrics, PCC, and medical as well.

  • Canada child visa decision:
    CIC will assess your application and do security and background checks. If the evaluation turns out to be positive, your child’s visa will be approved. Still, if CIC finds any ground to believe that you have submitted fake documents to claim your relationship or Income, etc., your application will be refused. You may be banned from sponsoring any future application.

Canada child visa application fee

Before submitting your Canada child visa application, you need to pay Canada child visa application charges. You can pay the Canada child visa fee with your credit card.

Please find below Canada child visa application charges.

S.N. Application type Fee in CAD $ Fee in INR (approx.)
1 Sponsorship charges CAD 75 Rs. 3750
2 PR processing fee for child applicant CAD 75 Rs. 3750
3 Biometric charges (per person) CAD 85 Rs. 4250
4 Medical charges CAD 100 INR 5000
5 PCC charges CAD 20 INR 1000

Canada child visa processing time

Canada child visa processing time is between 12- 18 months from the date of receiving your application; the processing time of Canada child visa also depends on the following factors such as:

  1. Application mode (Online / Offline) how quickly do you respond to the visa officer queries.
  2. How easy can the visa officer verify your credentials?
  3. Application already in the queue.
  4. Have you submitted a complete set of documents and forms?

Please note the following things may delay your application processing.

  1. unclear copies of documents
  2. verification of your information and documents
  3. A medical condition that may need more tests
  4. A criminal or security problem

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