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British Columbia PNP Checklist

British Columbia Province is situated at the westernmost side of Canada bustling with natural beauty, green-forests, snowcapped mountains, and blue coastal lines. It is also the province with the most diverse population because the majority of them residing are born outside Canada only. British Columbia is welcoming towards newcomers and the province attracts approximately 40,000 immigrants every year. Famous for its high quality of life and livable cities, British Columbia PNP is the easiest province to immigrate for Canada PR.

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To apply for British Columbia through the BC PNP Program, first of all, an applicant must meet the basic eligibility requirements under different visa category you intend to apply. Also, the BC PNP checklist plays a huge role in receiving a positive outcome from the British Columbia Province.

You might be aware that a single mistake with your documentation part might lead to great loss in your Canada Immigration chances- it might result in visa cancellation or rejection.

BC PNP checklist lists all the requirements of the documents that are officially required by the province of British Columbia Immigration authorities in order to process and properly assess an immigration application for Canada Immigration. What is latest update in BC PNP Draw 2020 explore and check it now.

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It is important to know that the BC PNP checklist is the basic nub of the immigration process and any discrepancy in this regard will lead to disqualification of the entire application. Thus, it is wise to take professional help to avoid silly mistakes when submitting official documentation for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

Basic British Columbia PNP checklist for the skilled worker category:

  • Potential Migrants need to corroborate the application with a written offer of employment on the official company letterhead
  • You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada
  • You must have valid passports and travel documents
  • You must show valid educational degrees, diplomas or certificates
  • You must show all the reference letters to date
  • Language Proficiency Report (IELTS test copy)
  • Police clearance and character requirements certificates
  • Personal Identity proof like age, name, date of birth, etc.

The above mentioned are the basic eligibility requirements for the potential applicants applying for BC PNP under the skilled migrant category.
For detailed BC PNP checklist according to the visa category in which you’ve applied, it is suggested to get in contact with the visa and immigration experts who can help you with the BC PNP process.

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