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Are you Ready to spend your holidays in Australia with your friends or family? Apply for an Australia Tourist Visa and take a fascinating tour of this country and create a galore of memories to cherish for a lifetime. After all, memories are timeless treasures of the heart. Keep your travel memories alive in your heart forever by planning a trip to the astounding land of Australia by applying for a Tourist visa for Australia (Subclass 600).

Beyond any shadow of doubt, Australia is a perfect escape for all the folks who are looking forward to rejuvenating their life and experiencing it like wanderlust. This country is also a hub of skilled workers because of a plethora of work opportunities and a peaceful work ambiance.

Ever dreamed of travelling to Australia to experience a refreshing Vacay, leaving all the stress and worries behind the curtains? The mesmerizing country of Australia is well known for its turquoise beaches, diverse flora and fauna and vibrant scenery.

From stunning beaches to cuddling koalas, from colourful cities to spectacular tropical islands, Australia provides you with iconic sights and infinite colourful creatures that are sure to melt your hearts in one go. There is no dearth of exquisite places across the globe, but this eye-catchy land puts forward something more distinctive and incessant to every traveler who’s looking forward to visiting the Lands down under on an Australia Visitor Visa.

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Some of the Key Points to Keep in Mind Prior to Applying for Tourist Visa, Australia

  • You are not allowed to work on this visa
  • You are allowed to stay and travel across Australia
  • You can live in Australia for a period between 3 months and can extend it to one year

What Makes Australia the Most-Visited Countries?

  • The Natural Wonders
  • The beautiful natural wonders are the main thing that amazes the eyeballs of millions of tourists every year. From Queensland spectacular Great Barrier Reef i.e. the beautiful living piece of Earth that is noticeable from space. Isn’t it mesmerizing? In addition to this, there are numerous destinations that are worth seeing and enjoying once in your lifetime.

  • The Fascinating and Rich Lifestyle
  • Australia is an incredibly diverse country as it is a major dwelling for the folks from all cultures and ethical backgrounds. Do you want to do things differently? Well, you can apply for an Australia Tourist Visa and live your life in an Aussie style on the next trip that you are planning with your friends and family. It comes as no surprise that most of the Australians have a no-worries attitude and like to enjoy life outdoors.

  • The Exquisite Beaches You Can’t Miss
  • When it comes to soaking yourself in the sun, the exquisite beaches are the best ones that you can’t ignore as Australia is a traveler’s paradise. The beatific country is well equipped with thousands of turquoise beaches – more than any other country across the world. The pristine beaches are the best reason to plan a trip there with your loved ones.

  • The Amazing Thrills of Adventure
  • Australia is a country that’s present in the wish list of every adventure enthusiast. No matter what adventure you want to experience, Australia is perfectly packed with the best adventurous sports that will take your excitement a notch higher and help you satiate your thirst for thrill. So, do you possess a bold heart and are ready to experience the breath-taking adventures? Don’t wait, apply for an Australia Tourist Visa and plan either a solo trip or a combined trip with your friends and live memorable moments.

  • A Hub of Vibrant and Shimmery Cities
  • When considering beautiful places to visit in Australia, don’t forget to catch the sight of the vibrant cities of Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Adelaide is a coastal city with gorgeous beaches, lovely parks and lots of environment opportunities. From Sydney’s pulsating ambiance to the vibrant culture and exotic coffee culture, there are a plethora of amazing things to do in these shimmery cities.

How to Apply for an Australia Tourist Visa from India?

Australia is one of the great places to travel with your friends and family. Every year, millions of tourists apply for an Australian Travel visa and satiate their thirst for travel. No matter what is the duration of your stay, having a valid Australia Tourist visa is mandatory.

Australia Tourist Visa subclass 600 allows you to visit Australia and stay there for a period of 12 months for the purpose of travel or other non-work purposes. All the wanderlust that live outside the Australian boundaries need to apply for an Australia Tourist Visa Subclass 600. The entire process to apply for an Australia Tourist Visa is streamlined and organized.

The entire procedure is online which eliminates the need to go and take a tour of the embassy with a hard copy of all the documents. You need to download an ETA form online from the site of Australia’s government. Post downloading, you need to fill the form correctly (Make sure that you don’t commit any errors). After filling the accurate credentials, you need to pay the tourist visa fees online.

Now, you will receive Australia’s ETA visa, it all depends upon the completeness of your application and the accuracy in your documents. Generally, you will receive the ETA within 2-3 days of submitting the online application.

As the entire process is online, so don’t expect any outcome in a physical form. Within 2-3 days, you will simply receive an email along with your visa details. The Australia Tourist Visa will be directly linked with your passport number.

Please make sure that you don’t commit any errors in the entire application form, as a single folly can result in visa rejection. To ensure that there exist no mistakes, you can get in touch with the best Australia Immigration Consultants.

What are the Documents Required for Australia Tourist Visa?

Find below the required Australia Tourist Visa checklist so that you don’t face any hurdles at a later stage.

  • An original passport with a 6-months validity and not less than that
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • An attractive covering letter containing all the details regarding your passport, travel details and the details of the person who is going to bear all your expenses in the beautiful world of Kangaroos and Koalas
  • A copy of your PAN Card or Aadhar Card
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Details of the accommodation where you intend to stay during your travel
  • Financial Statements
  • Income Tax details and returns
  • Reservations i.e. flight tickets

What are the Basic Australia Tourist Visa Requirements You Need to Fulfill?

  • A valid proof showcasing that you possess a good health
  • A valid statement indicating that you have enough funds to support your intended stay in Australia
  • A clear and a recent passport-size photograph on your Australia tourist Visa Application form
  • A proper application form inclusive of all the pertinent details
  • A proper hold of a passport with a validity not less than 6 months

What is the Cost to apply for Australia Tourist Visa Subclass 600?

Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of Kangaroos and Koalas? It’s time to apply for Australia Tourist Visa as it is the only ticket to fulfill your dream of taking a beautiful tour of the wonderland with your friends and family. The cost to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa Subclass 600 is around $AUD145. So, pay the application money, meet the requirements, submit proper documents, pack your bags and take your flight for Australia.

How long do you need to get an Australia Tourist Visa?

It takes around 48 hours to 33 days in the processing of your Australia Tourist Visa. Well, the given duration is not a fixed one and is just an estimate that has been made, keeping in mind the past applications for tourist visa. There are certain factors on the basis of which processing times might change such as during the peak season and moreover, the number of applications received in that particular year. Henceforth, it’s always suggested to plan your vacation well-in-advance i.e. your proposed date of travel if you don’t want to experience last-minute hassle.

Looking Forward to Experiencing a Memorable Holiday? Apply for Australia Tourist Visa!

Do you want to experience whoops of joy and excitement in none other than the Kangaroo Land? Well, it’s time to determine your eligibility by filling just an online assessment form for free, so that one of our best Australia Immigration experts guide you further. Are you ready to transform your dream into an astounding reality? Have a look at the juicy details so that you can experience a stress-free journey with your loved ones.

Aptech Visa charges a very nominal amount keeping in mind the fair competition. The charges are Rs 11,800 for 90 days which includes Consultant fees, Service charges, All taxes. To know about your particular requirements is this regard, get in touch with our Tourist Visa Experts who are available at 7503832132

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