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Come along to spend holidays in Australia. With different types of floras and fauna, the country welcomes you with open wings. Australia tourist visa allows you for multiple entries to Australia, meet your friends and family members visiting Australia.

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Why Australia being Listed in the Top Tourist Destination

Australia is a dream land where maximum tourists flock and has made it one of the most visited travel destination in the world. It has the most myriad forest areas, fascinating beaches, species like Kangaroo, and Koalas dancing across the road. Also, the endangered mammal duck billed platypuses are found in this country. No matter whether you like road trips, camping, backpacking or clubbing there is something for everyone to draw you here. The country’s cosmopolitan culture, exquisite restaurants, natural beauty will make people never leave this beautiful continent. Ranging from Uluru to the outback, man-made wonders like Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and Opera House coupled with world-class surfing and many more exciting places. You can explore all these places quite comfortably.

As Australia is known for an advanced and better living style, it attracts tourist's to come and experience the natural beauty of Australia. The most popular islands, calm and peaceful environment and less populated country make it quite different from other country. That is why most of individuals wish for living and enjoying the atmosphere of Australia.

Why Migrants Select Australia for Tourist Purpose

  • Australia is known as the home to fabulous monuments along with mesmerizing natural beauty such as Queensland, Rainforests, Kangaroo land and so on.
  • The country is placed at the 12th position in the largest economy of the world.
  • There are several elegant cities and places in Australia that you can enjoy like Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Gold Coast, Uluru and many more.
  • Australia is a kind of country which establishes huge network for smooth and well structured roads and most fascinating tourist places around the world.
  • The policies that are governed by Australia government are transparent and reliable. Along with this, it follows a visionary in leadership.
  • Australia is flourishing with quite boutique hotels, luxury resorts with self service apartments and other accommodation that are present in all the Australian budgets
  • Australia gives values to vibrant and multicultural diversity, secular society with having so cooperative people and communities.
  • The living standard here is quite excellent and of better quality.
  • Australia is a country to offer tourists interests and hobbies in the field of sports, adventure, Islands, food & wine, Nature & wildlife, events and so on.

Australia Tourist Subclass Visa 600

Tourist Visa Subclass 600 allows people to visit Australia for a holiday, visit family or friends (for a stay up to 12 months) or for a short term non work purposes.

Eligibility Requirement

You can apply for the following Tourist visas if you hold a valid passport of an eligible country and are from outside Australia.

How Australia Tourist Visa lets you travel to Australia?

  • As a tourist
  • For business Tourist activities.
  • To visit family/friends
  • On a tour with a registered travel agent

What is Transit Visa (Subclass 771)?

Transit visa are the visa which are required for a short stopover in Australia on your way to another country. This visa lets you:

  • Travel via Australia
  • Can enter and stay in Australia for up to 72 hours.

What is Electronic Travel Authority Visa (subclass 601)?

This visa is for travelling as a tourist or for business related Tourist activities. This visa allows you to visit Australia on multiple occasions within 12 months from the date of the grant of the visa or the life of the visa holder’s passport (whichever is earlier) for maximum of 3 months at a time.
However, citizens of India are not eligible to apply for Electronic Travel Authority Visa as this is only available to few countries.

What is eVisitor Visa (subclass 651)?

The eVisitor is a free visa, which allows individuals of certain countries to visit Australia for a business or travel purposes for up to 3 months at a time frame of 12 months. Unfortunately, India is not in the eligible country list and hence, Indian nationals can’t apply for subclass 651.

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Australia Tourist Visa Checklist/ Documents

Here is the detail documents are required to Apply for the Australia Tourist visa:

  • Valid passport (should be valid for at least 6 months before your submission of visa with a minimum of 3 blank pages).
  • Copy of the first, last and observation page should be notarized and submitted along with the documents.
  • Confirmed returned air tickets.
  • 2 recent passport size colored photographs.
  • Covering letter mentioning in detail the travel itinerary with the proof of hotel stay with the traveler name and address.
  • Original bank statements of the last 6 months duly signed and attested by the bank official

Australia Tourist Visa From India

The Indian who wants to visit Australia for tourist purpose needs to apply for Australia tourist visa 600, which ables to land Australia for business, tourism or any other requirements. The tourist visa includes recreation, holidays, sightseeing and visiting friends and family in Australia. It should also be noted while applied for tourist visa, you can not work for any business or sells services/goods in Australia.

Visa Subclass 600 Fees Requirement

People are mostly like to visit in Australia for many reasons like for recreational or tourism purposes, for the purpose of meeting to your colleagues or friends and other purposes. To visit to Australia, aspirants are required to pay some desirable fees that are mentioned in the following table:

Aptech Visa charges a very nominal amount keeping in mind the fair competition. The charges are Rs 11,800 for 90 days which includes Consultant fees, Service charges, All taxes. To know about your particular requirements is this regard, get in touch with our Tourist Visa Experts who are available at 7503832132

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