Explore visa options for studying in Australia

An Australian Student visa is a permit issued by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. The Australian student visa allows the holder to participate in an eligible course of study in Australia.

You can avail the following benefits of the Australia Student visa:

  1. The Australian visa would be valid for three months longer than the duration of your course;
  2. You can bring your family members to Australia with you;
  3. You can work up to 20 hours per week;
  4. You & your dependent ones have the authority to work in Australia;
  5. Earn while learning

Suppose you’re planning to study in Australia as a full-time student, you are required an Australia student visa. Australia has world-renowned educational institutions.

Australia Student Visa Requirements

If you plan to apply for an Australia student visa, you must be aware of Australia student visa requirements. There are various requirements to apply for an Australian student visa. Please find below the essential requirements for an Australian student visa:

  • Financial Requirements
  • Financial requirement is one of the critical requirements to fulfill in order to apply for an Australian student visa. You need to provide sufficient evidence of funds to support your tuition fee, living cost, travel expenses etc.

    How much funds you need to show to apply for an Australian student visa

    Living cost in Australia

    It is mandatory to show 12-month living costs to apply for an Australian student visa also depends upon the number of applicants in your application.

    1. For Student- AUD 21,041
    2. If your partners are accompanying you, then you may need an additional AUD 7,362
    3. If a child is accompanying you then you may need an additional AUD 3,152

    Course fees

    You need to show the first 12 months of your course fees, for example, if your course fee is AUD 45,000 for three years, you need to show AUD 15,000 for the first 12 months.

  • English language requirement
  • Ensure that you have taken an appropriate English language test before applying for your Australia student visa application.

    English language test validity is two years, and your scorecard/ certificate must be valid throughout your student visa application process and until the visa decision is made.

    You can take one of the following English language tests:

    Exam Type Minimum score
    IELTS – Academic 5.5
    TOEFL 46
    CAE 162
    (PTE Academic) 42
    Occupational English Test (OET) B for each test component

    Please note that you need not provide an English language test if you are a citizen of the UK, USA, Canada, NZ or Republic of Ireland.

  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Suppose you plan to study in Australia based on Australian student visa. In that case, you must obtain appropriate health insurance/ cover for the duration of your stay in Australia.

    Overseas Student Health Cover approximately costs for a single student for a 3-year course around $1,457.40(inclusive of GST where applicable)

    Please note if you are a student from Norway, Sweden, or Belgium, you need not take Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement
  • All overseas students applying for an Australian student visa need to prove that they are coming to Australia to gain quality education and skills only. Before the expiry of the Australian student visa validity, you will return to your home country.

    So you need to write a personal statement addressing that you are meeting the GTE requirement.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • The Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a letter you will receive from your educational institute after accepting and paying your deposit. Please note you cannot process your Australian student visa application cannot be processed without a CoE letter.

  • Character Requirement
  • Applicants who are 16 years or older need to meet character requirements to apply for the Australian student visa. If you do not pass the character requirement, your Australian student visa application will be refused.

Australia Student visa process

To apply for the Australian student visa, you need to follow the below process steps carefully.

  • Step 1 check eligibility requirements
  • The first step towards the Australia student visa is to check whether you meet Australian student visa process requirements in terms of financial requirements, English language requirements, health insurance, Genuine Temporary Entrant, CoE, etc. Once you are sure that you meet Australian student visa requirements, prepare to procure your documents as per the Australia Student visa documents checklist.

  • Step 2 Gather Documents
  • Documents requirements depend upon the country where you are applying for an Australian student visa. Please note document requirements may vary from case to case or depend upon student personal circumstances.

    It is advisable to provide correct, genuine and relevant documents; submitting irrelevant forms increases processing time and may also lead to rejection.

    Please refer to Australian student visa documents to know in detail.

  • Step 3 Apply Australia Student Visa
  • It is advisable to apply for your Australian student visa at least six weeks before your course starts. You can apply for an Australian student visa online by following the steps given below:

    1. Log in to your Immi Account;
    2. Submit the required documents; and
    3. Pay your Australia student visa application fee

    Now, wait for your Australian student visa decision. If in the meanwhile, any further requirements arise, please be ready to apply for additional documents.

  • Step 4 Australia Student Visa Outcome:
  • Post submission of your Australia student visa application, your application will be assessed by Australian immigration officials.

    if the information and the documents are accurate and you are meeting requirements, then your Australia student visa will be approved. Now you can start packing your bags to fly to Australia

    If your application is considered ineligible, your Australian student visa application will be refused and the same will be informed in written. Please note Australian student visa fee is non-refundable.

Australia Student visa Documents Checklist:

To apply for an Australian student visa, you need to arrange the following documents in the required format.

Please find the Australia student visa documents checklist below:

  • Identity documents
  • You can provide the following documents:

    1. Any National Identity document such as voter Id card, driving license;
    2. Name change certificate;
    3. Marriage certificate; and
    4. DOB certificate

  • Provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a letter or electronic document issued by CRICOS registered institute/university to an international student who intends to study in the institute/university in Australia.

  • English language Exam Document
  • English language is also mandatory requirement to apply for the Australia student visa. You need to provide once of the following English language exams:

    1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    2. Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)
    3. TOEFL Internet Test
    4. Occupational English Test (OET)
    5. Cambridge English- Advanced Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

    To know score requirements in the English language exam, kindly check the Australian student visa requirements section

  • Overseas Student Health Cover:
  • You & your family members (if accompanying with you) must buy health cover/ insurance policy for the proposed duration of your study from a designated overseas student health cover provider such as:

    1. AHM OSHC;
    2. Allianz Care Australia (People care);
    3. CBHS International Health;
    4. NIB OSHC;
    5. BUPA Australia; and
    6. NIB OSHC

  • Financial Documents
  • Financial documents reflect you have enough money to support your study, stay, living cost etc. You can attach the following documents to prove your financial capacity:

    1. Financial institution statement showing deposit of your money;
    2. Loans statement from a financial institution or government loans ( if applicable); and
    3. Scholarships or similar financial support

    You also can show the following alternatives to prove your financial capacity.

    Number of applicants Parent or partner recent annual income
    Single Student AUD $ 62,222
    student + accompanying depended: AUD72,592.

    Please note: Department of Home Affairs, Australia (DHA) does not accept bank statements or employer’s evidence to prove your parent's annual income. You need to provide Income Tax Return of current year.

  • How much money you need to apply for Australia Student Visa?
  • To apply for an Australian student visa, you need to show funds for:

    1. Your travel – AUD 2,000 for travel costs;
    2. Twelve months of your course fees – depends upon course to course; and
    3. 12 months of your Living cost – AUD 21,041

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant Documents
  • Every student needs to prove that they are a genuine temporary entrant in Australia. You can write a personal statement (also known as the statement of purpose) addressing the GTE requirement including:

    1. Gap explanation in your previous study;
    2. Financial stability;
    3. Living plan;
    4. Previous international travel;
    5. Previous international travel;
    6. Current and past employment details including address, contact (phone no., email id, your designation, duration of work etc.)

  • Partner Documents
  • If you are accompanying your partner in Australia, then you need to provide your partner’s documents such as:

    1. Identity documents;
    2. Character documents;
    3. Photographs;
    4. Related forms; and
    5. Health insurance / cover


Please note- you must translate all documents in English. The documents must be converted into a suitable format. If Australian student visa documents are not in the required format, then your application may be rejected.

Australia Student Visa Cost/Fee

The Australia student visa cost depends upon the number of applicants who are accompanying you to Australia.

Please find below the Australia student visa cost:

Number of applicants Fee in AUD $
Student only 620
Additional applicant age 18+ years 460
Each Additional applicant age less than 18 years 150

When you calculate your Australian student visa application cost in Indian currency, it keeps changing because of fluctuation in currency.

Please find Australia student visa cost in Indian currency where 1 AUD = 55.89 INR

Number of applicants Fee in INR
Student only Rs. 34,654
Additional applicant age 18+ years Rs. 25,711
Each Additional applicant age less than 18 years Rs. 8,384

In addition to the Australia student visa application fee, you need to pay other fees for various assessments, such as:

  1. health check-up,
  2. police verification and
  3. biometrics.

You can pay your Australian student visa application fee by credit card. There is a specific surcharge that may apply. The current surcharge rates are 1.40 %; it also depends on the card type (AMEX, Visa, Master, etc.)

Australian Student visa processing time

The processing time of an Australian student visa depends upon different factors such as

  1. Complexity in your student visa application,
  2. Student visa application Forms filled accurate and complete
  3. Verification – how soon Australia get verify our documents
  4. ADR- if any ADR comes, how soon you supply back

Please find below Australian student visa processing time below

  1. 75% of applications in 4 months
  2. 90% of applications in 7 months

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