Australia Spouse visa

The Australian spouse visa allows you to sponsor your loved ones( partner or spouse) in Australia and live together.

If your spouse or partner is an Australian citizen, permanent resident holder, you may be eligible for an Australian spouse visa. Department of Home affairs Australia gives access to applicants in two way.

  • Partner (Provisional) visa Subclass 309:
    It is a temporary visa to live in Australia with your partner until you grant a PR visa decision. Please note is a temporary visa.
  • Partner (permanent) visa (subclass 100):
    It is a Permanent resident visa issued only to those who hold Australia Partner (Provisional) visa Subclass 309, and it allows your spouse to stay partner permanently

Benefits of Partner Visa Australia

  • You will be allowed to stay with your Australian partner indefinitely
  • You can work and study anywhere in Australia
  • You will receive some social security payments in Australia
  • You can avail Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare
  • You can travel to and from Australia multiple times for five years
  • Spouse needs not to write English language exam
  • You can include your members of the family unit in your application
  • There are no funds requirements to show minimum funds
  • There are no minimum points passing mark system such as 65
  • More ever there is no age limit to apply for an Australian spouse visa

Australia Spouse visa Requirements

To be eligible for an Australian spouse visa, you need to meet the following Australia spouse visa eligibility requirements

  • Relationship requirements:
    The first and foremost requirement to apply for the Australian spouse visa is your relationship must be genuine, either married or in a De-facto relationship. To prove your relationship status, you need to take care following things
    1. You and your spouse must both be committed to a shared life together
    2. Your relationship must be confirmed and couniting.
    3. Your marriage must be lawfully.
    4. You both must spend time together
    5. You both must be committed to sharing liability

    These all are the most critical parameter monitored by DHA Australia to get to know the relationship status. DHA Australia may interview the applicant or sponsor to decide if this relationship is genuine or not.

    Australia spouse visa interview questions

    1. When and where did you meet with each other?
    2. What did you find attractive about your partner at first?
    3. When did you start your relationship together?
    4. When did you fall in love with your partner?
    5. When did you consider yourselves “in a relationship”?
    6. What’s the last thing each of you gave the other as a gift?
    7. When did you decide to get married?
    8. How much time have you spent with your partner’s family?
    9. Why did you and your partner decide to apply for an Australian partner visa instead of staying home country?
    10. When did you officially become engaged?
    11. Where were you when you became engaged?
    12. What was the name of the place you were married?
    13. How many people attended your marriage ceremony and reception?
    14. When was your partner born?
    15. Does your partner have a degree? If so, what type and from what school?
    16. What does your partner do for work?
    17. What are your partner’s favourite foods?
    18. What’s the last film you saw together with your partner
    19. What will you do if your visa application refused?
    20. Do you plan to have children with your partner?
  • Meet health requirement:
    You and your family members who are applying for this visa must meet the health requirements. To prove your health status, all the family members (either accompanying or not) need to under medical examination, such as:
    1. TB Screening test
    2. chest x-ray
    3. HIV
    4. Another relevant test may also require – depend upon the applicant personal circumstances
  • Meet character requirement:
    You and your family members must be of good character; it means you and all family members age 18 years or older need to provide a Police clearance certificate to prove your character status.
    Please note character requirements for ship workers and Military workers differ. Please contact our Australia spouse visa expert to know more.
  • Best interests of the child:
    Department of Home affairs Australia may refuse your Australian spouse visa if it is not in an applicant's interests under 18.
  • Pay your debts to the Australian Government:
    If the sponsor or any family members owe the Australian government debts, then DHA Australia will refuse your Australian spouse visa application, So it is advisable to pay it back or arrange to pay it back before sponsoring your spouse or partner on an Australian spouse/ partner visa
  • Previous visa cancellation or refusal :
    Suppose your spouse's previous visa is refused or denied by DHA Australia due to misrepresentation, deported or banned from entry to Australia. In that case, you won't get approval for your Australian spouse visa.

There are many other requirements to apply for an Australian spouse visa; depend upon the individual personal circumstance for better clarification, you can contact our Australia spouse visa expert for professional consultation.

Australia Spouse visa process / how to apply Australia spouse visa step by step guide

To apply Australia spouse visa need to follow below steps carefully.

  • Step 1 Check Australia spouse visa eligibility:
    To apply for an Australian spouse visa, it is essential to both ( applicant and sponsor) meet the Australia spouse visa requirements in terms of:
    1. Genuine relationship,
    2. Health requirements,
    3. Character requirements,
    4. Australian debts,
    5. Previous sponsor status, etc.

    Additional, it is mandatory for the sponsor also meet sponsorship obligation means your sponsor must able to support the basic need of the applicant, such as:

    1. Accommodation
    2. Financial assistance, including English language courses, if needed
    3. Other support such as child care, if needed

    In most cases, an Australian Spouse visa denies because either applicant or sponsor cannot satisfy Australian spouse visa requirements.

    You can also use the Aptech visa Australia spouse visa eligibility tool to get to know your chances to get success or approved Australia spouse visa.

  • Step 2 Prepare required Documents:
    As we all know, documents play a crucial role in visa processing; your Australian spouse visa will be approved or refused entirely depend on how you present your visa application documents to the authority to process your application.
    Australian spouse, visa documents requirements also depend on the applicant or sponsor personal circumstances. You may refer to our Australia spouse visa documents checklist to know more.
    Providing bogus documents, unreadable, black & white, supplementary documents, other than the required format, delay your application processing time and increase chances of refusal.

  • Step 3 Apply for your Australia Spouse visa:
    Once you are sure about Australian spouse visa eligibility requirements and furnished your documents as per case specification, you can now apply for the Australia spouse visa by paying the Australia spouse visa application fee. It is the applicant or sponsors sole responsibility to tell the changes after lodgement of your application.
    Once you applied for your visa, you will receive your application ID / TRN number that you can use to track your application status online.

  • Step 4 Australia spouse visa Outcome:
    The final step is the Australian spouse visa decision, and it depends on the verification of supportive documents, Interview with the applicant or sponsor and background check etc.
    Once you granted your Australian spouse visa, now you can fly to Australia and live together with your partner or sponsor.
    If the Department of Home Affairs Australia decided to
    refuse your Australia spouse visa, will tell let you know :
    1. Why your Australian spouse visa refused
    2. Whether you have a right to a review of the decision

Please note, your application fee will not be refunded by DHA if your Australia spouse visa application refused.

Spouse visa Australia Cost/fee

The Australian spouse visa application fee or cost depends on the number of applicants in the application and the application type ( onshore or Offshore) you are applying. And the date of application, currency fluctuation etc.

If you pay an Australian spouse visa application fee by credit card, then a surcharge will also be applicable.

  1. Australia spouse visa fee - AUD 7715
  2. Additional applicant charge 18 and over – AUD 3,860
  3. Additional applicant charge under 18 - AUD 1,935

Another cost

  1. Medical expenses Rs. 5000/- per person
  2. PCC charges approximately Rs. 1000/- per certificate

Please note this fee cover both temporary visa subclass 309 & the permanent Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100. And it may change at any point in time without prior notification.

Spouse visa Australia processing time

Australia spouse visa processing time depend upon, number of application they received, type of application, and also rely on

  1. Forms filled properly
  2. Correct visa application fee payment
  3. Verification of your supportive documents & credentials
  4. Your response on any ADR raised by the Department of home affairs Australia
  5. Visa interview slot availability
  6. Sponsor credential verification and interviews

However, the current processing time for an Australian spouse visa is

For Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) visa

  1. Seventy-five per cent of applications get processed in 18 months.
  2. Ninety per cent of applications get processed in 23 months.

For Subclass 100 visa (Permanent Australia Partner Visa)

  1. Seventy-five per cent of applications get processed in 17 months.
  2. Ninety per cent of applications get processed in 23 months.

Australia Spouse visa documents checklist

Following documents are required to apply for an Australian spouse/Partner Visa. You must make sure that you furnish all these documents as per the pre-described format

  1. All Australia spouse visa documents must be in English.
  2. All documents in colour and an acceptable format
  3. All records must be readable

Please Provide only accurate, authentic documents. If you provide false or misleading documents or information document, your application will not only be refused. You may be ban from applying for further applications.

Please find the Australia spouse visa documents checklist below for smooth sailing of your Australia Partner Visa process

  • Application forms:
    Your application form must be filled accurately, and information must be readable
  • Identity documents:
    Provide a birth certificate or any other documents issued by your national govt, for identity purpose for you, your spouse and dependent children
  • Character documents:
    Provide a police certificate from every country, including your home country, where you spent a total of 12 months or more in the last ten years since you turned 16.
  • Health clearance:
    You or any applicant age two years need to undergo a medical examination to prove your health status.
  • Australia residency proof:
    Your sponsor needs to provide residential evidence proof such as utility bills, rent agreement, phone bills etc.
  • Photographs:
    All the applicants included in the application must submit coloured passport size photographs.
  • Your relationship proof with your partner:
    If you are married, you need to provide a marriage certificate and If you are a de facto partner, provide proof of your de facto relationship. Also, explain about
    1. Genuine Relationship status:
      Show evidence to prove your relationship is genuine and continuing
    2. Finances:
      You need to provide that you and your partner share financial matters
    3. Your household:
      You & your partner need to provide documentary evidence that you and your partner share domestic matters
    4. Social matters:
      Provide the evidence that others know about your relationship
    5. Commitment:
      Provide enough supportive documents on how you are committed to a long-term relationship with each other
    6. Other relationships:
      You or your sponsor also need to declare if you have previously been married, widowed, divorced or separated.

Department of Home Affairs Australia may request you submit additional documents within a specific time frame, and it is the applicant responsibility to provide copies as per requirements.

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