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How to Apply Skilled Migration To Australia

Australia is one of the top destinations for Skilled migrants and tourism. Applicants from different part of the world choose Australia as the perfect destination to work, spend a holiday, on a business trip or to live and permanently settled in Australia. Some massive applicants are thinking to live and settle in this Kangaroo Country. Australia is the country which offers multiple job opportunities, high wages, etc.

Skilled Migration to Australia

Through its General Skilled Migration Program, Australian government invites skilled migrants with experience in those areas which are facing workforce shortages.

The main aim behind this program is to increase the productivity in the economy of Australia.

Under the skilled migration program, there are variety of sub-class to apply for Australia Immigration

  • Visa 189
  • Visa 190
  • Visa 489

Skilled Independent Subclass Visa 189

Visa 189 is the point-based visa, which does not require any sponsorship from the state or territory of Australia. The applicant can apply independently for visa 189. The applicant profile must be listed in occupation demand list of Australia and other requirements. Skilled Independent visa is a permanent residency visa which allows you to live and work in the country.

This visa can be applied to if your current skills are in demand and are listed in MLTSSL of the country.

I want to Visa 189

Skilled Nomination Subclass Visa 190

Visa 190 requires sponsorship from the state or territory of Australia. To apply for Skilled nominated visa 190 the procedure to apply for visa remains the same as of visa 189 but in this visa applicant must receive the sponsorship first. Subclass 190 visa is the permanent residency visa which allows the skilled applicants to live and work in Australia permanently.

To apply for visa 190 an applicant profile must be listed in STSOL demand list of Australia

I want to Apply for Visa 190

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass Visa 489

Visa 489 is a 4-year long provisional visa to Australia. This visa gives you admission to live in a particular area/region of the country.

This visa can be applied to if you get nomination from either:

  • An Australian relative; or
  • Any state/territory government
Apply for Skilled Regional Nominated Visa

People with a desire to migrate to Australia under the Australia Skilled Immigration program, must qualify certain criteria which are determined by the Australia Immigration Point Calculator.

As stated by Australia Immigration Point System, one must score minimum scale of 65 points out of 100 to be eligible for skilled migration.

The Australia Skilled Migration points are allotted on the following criteria:

Age : Age of the candidate more than 45 years leads to ineligibility for Australia skilled immigration.

The point distribution on the age factor is-

Age Points
18-24 25 Points
25-32 30 Points
33-39 25 Points
40-44 15 Points
45-49 0 Points

Language Proficiency : Another mandatory requisite is English language proficiency. To attest your English ability, an English language test-IELTS- results must be presented by the candidate.

The point distribution on IELTS score is:

IELTS Points
Superior (IELTS 8 or more) 20 Points
Proficient (IELTS 7 or more) 10 Points
Competent (IELTS 6 or more) 0 Points

Work Experience : Your Experience in the occupation which is in demand in the country is valid to gain certain points. On Australian work experience, additional points can also be claimed.
Get Australia Skill Assessment The point distribution on year's of work experience is:

Work Experience Points
1 year 5 Points
3 years 10 Points
5 years 15 Points
8 years 20 Points
Skilled employment points distribution for within Australia
3 years 5 Points
5 years 10 Points
8 years 15 Points
Skilled employment points distribution for Outside Australia

Education : Immigration points are awarded on your qualification as well. Note that your qualification must be from an Australian recognised university. Further, your qualification must be comparable to Australian level of qualification.

The point distribution on your level of education is:

Education Points
Doctorate 20 Points
Bachelor’s or Master’s 15 Points
Australian Diploma or Trade qualification 10 Points
Award or qualification recognized by assessing authority 10 Points
Calculate my score using Australia Immigration Points Calculator

Apply Skilled Migration to Australia

To apply for Skilled Migration to Australia you can apply for any of the above-mentioned visa categories. If your news for the immigration process, it is wise to take assistance from an expert immigration consultant. The visa immigration consultants with expert knowledge and information in the Oz immigration provides help right from choosing visa category till receiving the visa.
Aptech Visa is one of the leading immigration consultancy services provider in New Delhi that helps huge number of applicants every year to apply and acquire Australian Skilled PR visa. To confirm your eligibility and get assistance fill the free assessment form and get in touch with us.

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