Australia Parent Visa

If you are a parent of an Australian citizen or an Australia PR holder, you can apply for an Australian Parent visa. The Australia Parent visa allows Australian PR holder/citizens' parents to live and settle permanently in Australia. This visa will enable you to avail multiple benefits which are also enjoyed by other native Australian parents.

The Australian parent visa is further divided into two following categories:

  • Australia Contributory Parent PR Visa (Subclass 143)
    Australia Contributory Parent PR visa is the fastest way to obtain a Parent PR visa in Australia because there is no cap and queue restriction on Australia Contributory parent visa. It is more expensive visa than other visa types. You will get your visa approved within 22- 24 months.
  • Australia Non - Contributory Parent PR visa (Subclass 103)
    It is an Australia Parent PR visa. Application for this visa is subject to capping and queuing. Department of Home Affairs, Australia does not provide any specific processing timeline for this non- contributory visa. With this visa, you can work, live and settle in Australia Permanently.

Australia Parent PR Visa Benefits

Applicants can avail following benefits of Australia Parent visa:

  • You can work and live in Australia;
  • You can avail health and ‘Medicare’ benefits;
  • You also get pension scheme benefits;
  • You can apply for Australian citizenship if you are eligible; and
  • You can also sponsor your relatives (family and friends)

Australia Parent Visa Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a parent PR visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Eligibility of Sponsor
    Your child must be an Australian citizen or an Australian PR holder in order to sponsor you for the visa.
  • Pass the Balance-of-Family Test
    Balance of Family test means half or more than half of all your children must be based in Australia as a citizen or as a permanent resident.
  • Assurance of Support
    Assurance of support is a legal agreement between the government of Australia and the sponsor. It is a commitment to pay the Australia government if it pays to the applicant.
  • Meet the Health Requirements
    You & your family members must meet health requirements for the visa. You will have to undergo some health examinations & medical tests to state the health status.
  • Meet the Character Requirements
    You and your family members will be asked to satisfy character requirements.
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement
    Each member of the family aged 18 years or older, need to sign the Australian Values Statement which says that you will respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws.
  • Have Health Insurance
    It would be of great help if you have health insurance to cover your medical treatment expenses, including transport. Suppose you are applying for this visa as a retiree. You must maintain the health insurance till you granted the visa.
  • Have Cleared the Debts to the Australian Government
    The sponsor is liable to pay Australian government debt if the sponsor obtained it in the past.

How to Apply for an Australia Parent visa?

To apply for an Australian parent PR visa, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1 Gather Documents
    The first and the foremost step is to prepare your documents before applying for your Australian parent PR visa. Here, you also need to furnish your sponsor documents. Please check the Australia parent documents checklist to know what documents required and how to provide them?
  • Step 2 Apply for Your Australian Parent Visa
    Once you prepare your documents as per the Australia parent visa documents checklist, you can apply for your Australia Parent visa by paying the first installment. If you have an additional applicant, you need to pay additional AUD 1400.
    Please note - Australia accepts only paper-based application, so you also need to provide all required visa application forms and documents in physical form.
  • Step 3 After You Apply
    Once your application has been submitted, your application will be assessed in parts.
    1. First, they will check the eligibility and also whether the documents are complete as per the checklist. If your application and documents are up to the mark, it will be added to the queue. If the application and the documents are not as per the criteria, your application will be refused.
    2. Second, the DHA, Australia continues assessing your application when a vacancy becomes available and subsequently they make a decision.

    Australian parent visa application’s success rate depends on your accompanying family members’ & sponsor’s credentials. You will be instructed to pay the second installment.

    If your application is incomplete or the Australian immigration officer cannot verify sponsor’s credentials, the DHA, Australia will refuse your application.

    If your Australia Parent visa application is refused by the DHA, they would notify you in written statement the reasons for the below questions coming into your mind:

    1. Why your application was refused? and
    2. Whether you have a right to a review of the decision.

    Please note in any circumstances; you will not refund your application fee.

  • Step 3 Visa Outcome
    If you meet all the requirements, your application will be approved. Now you can fly to Australia; live and settle in Australia with your loved ones.

Australia Parent Visa Documents Checklist

The most important question is “what documents are required to apply for an Australian parent visa”? and “how can you furnish them”?

To apply for an Australian Parent visa, you need to arrange all the required documents for yourself and family members who are accompanying you and the essential documents from the sponsor.

It is also essential for you to provide accurate information and authentic documents to process your Australian parent visa application. Providing misleading information or submitting forged documents is a crime in Australia. It not only rejects your application but you could be banned to apply for further visa application in future.

  • Personal Documents
    You need to provide the following personal documents for you and the accompanying family members:
    1. A National identity card;
    2. Copy of passport bio pages;
    3. Marriage or divorce certificate;
    4. Name change documents;
    5. Date of birth certificate;
    6. Residential evidence; and
    7. Proof of funds
  • Sponsor Documents
    1. Identity Proof;
    2. Visa status / citizenship card;
    3. Address proof;
    4. Income evidence;
    5. Bank statement
  • Other Important Documents
    1. Balance of Family documents;
    2. Character documents;
    3. Assurance of Support documents;
    4. Health examination certificate; and
    5. Photographs
  • Application Form
    Applicant and family members and sponsor need to provide correct application form.

Australia Parent Visa Cost/Fee

Australian parent visa application fee must be paid in AUD by credit card only; some surcharges need to be paid by the applicant.

The Australian parent visa fee is AUD 47,755. You need to pay the fee in two parts, known as installments. The first installment is known as the base application charge and the second part is known as the second installment.

There is also an additional charge for each family member who applies along with you.

Visa Subclass Base Application Charge Second Instalment Additional applicant charges 18 & over Additional applicant charge under 18
Subclass 143 AUD 4155 AUD 43,600 AUD 1400 AUD 705
Subclass 103 AUD 4,350 AUD2,065 PP AUD 2,175 AUD 1090

Australia Parent Visa Processing Time

Australian Parent visa processing time ultimately depends upon capping and queue. The capping means the authorities will accept the number of the limited application for the year. Queue means that they will treat your application on the first-come, first-serve basis.

For the year 2021 – Australia will accept the total number of parent visa applications up to 4,500.

Generally, the processing time for

  1. Australia Contributory Parent Visa subclass 143 is approximately is two years.
  2. Australia Non-Contributory Parent Visa subclass 103 is about 10 - 15 years.
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