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What is the age limit for Australia PR visa?

Although it is always side ‘people get wiser with the age’ and it is true also, that as time passes by, the person gets more mature and wise but with regards to Australian Permanent Residency Visa, it is often not a wise decision to apply for the same when one gets old.

The maximum age limit to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa is 44 years in which you can claim Australia PR points. However, if you are over 44 years and under 50 years of age, you may be eligible to apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa but you will not get any immigration points for the same. Which makes us comes to the conclusion that more the age, lesser you will score in your Australia Point Test.

Australia Permanent Residency Visa Age Point Criteria

Australia has the majority of population which is old, and thus they need young skilled workers to stabilize their labor demand market. The younger the generation, the better are the chances for the country to prosper. Young people can contribute to their economy and can be their Asset, while the older peeps are more of a liability for the Australian government.

Thus, Aptech Global always recommend the process be started as soon as an applicant reaches the eligibility stage. Below mentioned is the point table for you to see and check, how many points you may score depending upon the age factor.

The maximum score which you can achieve under Age factor is 30 points

Age Points Awarded
18 to 24 25
25 to 32 30
33 to 39 25
40 to 44 15
45 to 49 0

Thus, the two questions which we almost listen on a daily basis, ‘What is the age limit to immigrate to Australia’ and ‘I am too old to immigrate Australia? The answer to both of these is simple yet complex at the same time, ‘when immigrating to Australia, time is never on your side’

Aptech Global has the experience in preparing successful skilled migration visa application for those applicants who are aged between 40 and 45 years old. Take a free assessment test and evaluate your chances for the same.

Also, we have the equal success rate for the applicants ranging between 25 to 39 years of age as well. Further, you may also want to know about what the clients have to say about us? For that, you can check the Aptechvisa reviews anytime!

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