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What are the designated areas of Australia

Designated areas of Australia include both Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Northern Territory (NT). It also includes all the areas of South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. Also, some postcodes in the states of New South Wales and Queensland are covered.

If you are applying for Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa subclass 489, and you are being sponsored by your eligible relative; sponsor must be a resident of any designated area. If your eligible sponsor is a resident of any of the designated area, they may be eligible to sponsor you for Australia Skilled Regional Provisional visa subclass 489.

After receiving your visa, you must live in a designated area for a minimum of 2 years and work for at least one year. Applicants for a Skilled Regional Provisional Sponsored Visa can specify as a sponsor relative who currently lives and have at least lived for a year in the any one of the designated areas. Also, it is mandatory for your sponsor to live in a particular designated area of Australia at the time of the sponsorship.

The below mentioned is a current list of the designated areas:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Entire Territory
Northern Territory Entire Territory
New South Wales (NSW) (except Sydney, New Castle and Wollongong) Postcode Areas- 2311 to 2312, 2328 to 2333, 2336 to 2490, 2535 to 2551, 2575 to 2739, 2787 to 2898
Queensland (anywhere except Brisbane Metropolitan area) Postcode Areas- 4019 to 4028, 4037 to 4050, 4079 to 4100, 4114, 4118, 4124 to 4150, 4158 to 4168, 4180 to 4899
South Australia Entire State
Tasmania Entire State
Victoria Entire State
Western Australia Entire State

Hence, you must keep in mind the designated areas before applying for Australia Skilled sponsor visa 489. If you need assistance in any regard to subclass 489, you may contact the visa experts of Aptech Global at 7503832132.

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