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Is It Easier to Get PR in Australia or Canada?

Well, both the countries are the most sought-after immigration destination for the migrants who wants to permanently settle in these beautiful countries. Australia as well as Canada follows a point based immigration system through which they migrate highly qualified and skilled workers who can fill the labor gap and contribute to the Australian economy.

Immigrants are often confused about which country to opt for their permanent residence, because both the countries are more or less the same and have the similar immigration process. Migrating to any country solely depends upon which country you are most comfortable with and do that country has a demand for the occupation in which you are currently in?

Talking about Australia, the immigration process is tricky but easy as compared to its counterpart. The skilled migration visas are the most famous and widely taken by the immigrants to apply for Australia PR. These skilled visas allows an applicant to live and work in Australia for indefinite period of time, provided you fulfill the country’s eligibility requirements.

If you are skilled worker, highly qualified and have a good working experience than no country will be difficult for you to migrate in. however, if you wish, you may opt for Australia as it is densely populated than Canada and has more job opportunities for the skilled workers.

The point tested visa calculates the score for your age, educational qualification, work-experience, skills, language requirements etc. the minimum point which you need to score are 60 points. Though, the higher you score in your Australia point test, the easier would be for you to get Australia PR.

Hence, you must focus on achieving your dream to migrate to one of these countries by doing a thorough research and hard work. You must not focus on finding the easier route to your Permanent residency but on finding a wiser one which would benefit you in the long run.

Aptech Global can thus, help you in clarifying your doubts about which country to choose by analyzing your profile and then recommending you, where the experts see you can prosper.

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