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How to Get Australia PR Visa?

There are different methods of getting Australia PR visa, depending upon which category you want to apply for based on your preferences and requirements. You may opt for skilled migration visas, business investment visas or family sponsored visas. Every visa category mentioned above has different visa requirements and eligibility procedure, so make sure to ask your consultant about the visa category you want to apply.

Talking about the most famous Australia PR visas, ‘Skilled Migration Visas’ which migrates the highly qualified and skilled workers to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. The sole purpose of calling these skilled migrants to Australia is that to fill the labor gaps with the skills and qualifications of these workers employed under occupations that are highly in demand in Australia labor market.

The following are the three skilled migration visas which you can select for your Australia PR process:

Please find the Australia PR steps below which are written keeping in mind all the three visa categories The steps mentioned below are written keeping in mind all the three subclasses. There can be slight changes in the requirements of different subclass which you may ask your consultant at the time of visa counselling.

STEP-1 Yours Nominated Occupation Must be on Australia Occupational Demand List

This is the key step to start any skilled migration visa process, you must check whether your occupation is in demand in Australia or not, the higher the occupational demand, the better are the immigration chances. Look out for your nominated occupation on Australia occupational list, if you found your occupation listed there, congratulations! You are good to proceed for the next step!

STEP-2 You must meet all the eligibility requirements

Having occupation listed on the Australia demand list is a good thing but what about the eligibility criteria? You must be eligible by scoring a minimum of 60 points in the Australia immigration point test. The points are calculated for the following factors:

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Skills
  • Work-experience
  • English ability
  • Other factors

You can check your score using Australia point calculator

STEP-3 You Must do a Skill Assessment Test

This is the stage where your profile gets assessed by the relevant authority on the basis of your qualification obtained, relevant skills etc. the concerned assessing authority matching with your profile takes your skill assessment test. For example, the profiles related to engineering background will be assessed by Engineers Australia. You must get a positive skill assessment report in order to proceed further.

STEP-4 Submission of Expression of Interest Through SkillSelect Online

After getting a positive skill assessment, you will need to submit Expression of Interest through skillselect. The SkillSelect program will ask you a number of questions based on your background, skills, and relevant work history. You will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA), if your profile is liked by the immigration offiicials
You may also update your expression of interest on a timely basis for faster immigration chances to Australia

STEP-5: Apply for Your Australia Permanent Residency Visa

After receiving nomination/sponsorship from state/territory for visa 190 and 489, you must apply for Australia PR visa. For visa 189, after receiving ITA, you can apply directly

STEP-6 Acknowledge Receipt of Your Visa

Once your application is approved, you will receive your visa and can migrate to Australia immediately. The chances are further increase when you hire a trusted visa immigration consultancy as the process though simply is quite complex because of the multiple stages involved.

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