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How Long Does it Takes to Get Australia PR?

Applying for Australia PR Visa is one thing and waiting for your visa approval is altogether a different thing with lot of emotions, anxiety, fear, and excitement going on at the same time.

Australia PR processing time is solely based on application to application and other related factors like:

  • Number of applications received by the immigration department
  • Complexity and simplicity of your application profile
  • Number of places in your skilled migration visa category
  • Complete and accurate application form
  • Delay due to the incomplete submission of document kit
  • Other enquiry as and when asked by the immigration department

Thus, the above mentioned factors may lead to the delay in your overall Australia PR processing time.
As per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the general waiting time for Australia PR is around 8 months-12 months.
The general key aspects which affects the Australia PR processing time

  • PR Visa Category
    The visa category which you selects for Australia PR makes a huge impact towards your visa processing time. Here are few examples to make you clear:
  • If you have applied for skilled migration visas:
    1. Australia skilled Independent subclass 189, 75 percent of applications are processed within 8 months and 90 percent of applications are processed within 11 months.
    2. Australia state sponsored visa subclass 190, 75 percent of applications are processed within 9 months and 90 percent of applications are processed within 12 months
    3. Australia skilled regional provisional subclass 489, 75 percent of applications are processed within 7 months and 90 percent of applications are processed within 9 months.
    4. Apply for Australia Immigration Process
  • If you have applied for other Australia permanent residency visa like parent category visa, the processing time can take anywhere between 1 to 3 years.
  • The highest priority points
    The Australia immigration process works in such a way that the SkillSelect applications for subclass 489 visas will be first on the priority list, and then comes subclass 190 visa and subclass 189 visa applications respectively.
  • The occupation under which you nominated skilled migration visa
    To apply under Australia skilled migration visas, an applicant has to select an occupation from Australia demand list. The occupation selected has a great significance because the occupations which are highly in demand across various states and territories of Australia, get processed on priority basis.
  • Submitted Application and Documents
    The processing time majorly depends upon the application and documents which you have submitted. Thus, make sure that your application and documents are accurate in all aspects. A minute mistake or incompletion can lead to delay in your Australia PR process. If you are not comfortable in handling immigration process, it’s better to take services from a reliable immigration consultancy.

Thus, you can always contact the reputed and trusted visa immigration consultancy if you think at any stage you may face problem in dealing with the application procedure.
Aptech Global can hence, help you in arranging all the documents and will provide the step by step guidance in filling your application form to avoid any errors.
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