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How many funds are needed for a 489 visa? Can I apply alone now and later invite my family for 489 visa?

Subclass 489 visa is a temporary and regional visa that allows an applicant to live and work in regional area of Australia for 4 years. Each state/territory has its own funds requirement criteria. Generally, applicants applying through subclass 489 visa are often confused about the funds they need in order to attain regional provisional subclass 489 visa.

You generally need funds for the following things in order to apply for Australia regional subclass visa 489:

1. Visa application fees

  • For primary applicant- $3670
  • For secondary applicant- $1835
  • For additional applicant (under 18 years)- $920

2. Medical Examination fees

  • It ranges from INR5000-inr7000

3. Skill Assessment fees

  • $500-$1000 depending upon the occupation/profile

4. Airfare transfers

5. Expenses to live in Australia

  • An applicant must have minimum AUD 10,000 to manage expenses related to food, housing, and travel allowances
  • If secondary applicant is included in the application then it is advised to have at least AUD25,000 to manage the expenses

6. Health insurance fees

7. Number of family members accompanying

8. Place of accommodation

9. State sponsorship fee

  • AUD$200-600 (if applicable)

Miscellaneous factors

Along with the above mentioned funds requirement, when applying for subclass visa 489, which is a state sponsored regional provisional visa that allows an applicant to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years, provided you have an nomination from a state/territory or a sponsorship from the eligible relative residing in designated area of Australia.

You may be asked to show the financial funds by the Australian immigration officials when applying for regional sponsored visa program. Every state has its own funds requirement. Thus, a particular state may ask for the financial funds whereas the other state many not ask to show any proof for the same.
Say, for example Queensland may ask to show financial funds AUD$30,000 whereas South Australia may ask you to show funds AUD$20,000-25,000
Thus, it all depends upon state to state and territory to territory!

Additionally, you may show assets such as gold, car, property papers, financial statement etc. as your proof of financial requirements. They are also regarded as a proof along with liquid cash. You can also apply alone for subclass 489 provided you meet the eligibility criteria of either having a sponsorship from your relative or a nomination from a state/territory. After residing for at least one year, you are eligible to invite your family to apply for subclass 489 visa.

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