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Can Australian Immigration Authorities Refuse My Visa Application?

This is the most deadly question asked by the immigrants who applied for their visa application. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending time, money and effort for submitting Australia visa application, only to know that it has been refused.

Well, Australian immigration department has become strict with its rules and laws by adopting a tougher approach to grant visas. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection scans every individual application and hence, there are very well chances of getting a refusal from their end. A thorough checks are made to ensure that evidence are accurately supported for the respective visa. If anything falls short in any way, the likelihood is that the visa application will be refused.

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The Most Possible Reasons For Visa Refusal Can Be:

  • Applying for the wrong kind of visa
    This could be the most bizarre thing to do so, unfortunately it is more common than we actually think it is, with more than 140 types of visa having their own specifications and requirements, immigrants who are often applying themselves without taking any assistance from the migration experts are not able to choose the most appropriate visa that matches to their requirements and thus, faces rejection.
  • The conditions of previous visa are not met
    This may be a case, where you overstayed in the country with a temporary visa and records show that you didn’t leave the country on time or there are some evidences of mistreating the previous visa. Here, The Department of Immigration and Border Protection may feel you are not trustworthy and may misuse the conditions attached to another Australian visa, leading to your visa application denial.
  • Lack of Application Information or Inconsistency
    This is one of the most common reason of majority visa getting refused. The immigration department check all the submitted documents scrupulously, so make sure you submit the correct and truthful information before applying for Australia visa.
    Make a thumb rule to check, double check and triple check the documents which are required for the individual visa. Australia immigration department is very strict and under no circumstances submit documents that are falsified or have been altered.
  • Incompetent to Meet Australia’s Health Requirements
    Health grounds is one of the most common reason of Australia visa being rejected. The visa can be rejected if a person is a financial drain or liability on the Australian medical system. An applicant visa can be denied if potential treatment exceeds over $21,000 over five years for those under 75. Medical conditions which may prevent an individual from receiving a visa include those with HIV, cancer, major heart issues and even mental health illness.
  • Incompetent to Meet Australia’s Character Requirements
    Australia is intolerant towards criminals and people who have been involved in wrongdoings. Australia wants migrants who are of a ‘good character’. A character test is evaluated on a case to case basis. Also please keep in mind that the immigration minister has the authority to revoke a visa that has already been granted if they find any evidence of a past criminal activity. A visa may also be refused if an individual has an association with an organization involved in a criminal conduct.
  • Made False Claim in the Application Form or Gave Wrong Information
    Any kind of misleading information can cancel your visa application form, so make sure of always submitting correct documents with supporting proofs wherever possible.

How to Avoid Rejections?

Well! One has to be highly vigilant when it comes to the filing of visa application. A single mistake committed can lead to huge repercussions. Hence, hiring a migration agent can reduce the visa rejections as they are more professional and experienced as compared to the person who is filing visa application for the first time.

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