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Australian Immigration PR New Rules and Updates 2020

Australia is a popular choice for people to migrate to due to easy and flexible rules and formalities to be taken care of. Going and settle in Australia is a dream to many. The country offers many job and study opportunities apart from excellent facilities in health sector. If you are looking for Australia immigration then you must be aware of the simple rules and formulations that the country is following.

news EOIs Submitted Amidst 1-7 February, 2021 be Assessed Under the BSMQ State Nomination Program

The ever changing Australian immigration updates keeps every applicant as well as the immigration consultancy on their toes because no one knows what will happen next. Below are the latest updates for the Australia Immigration

Australia Skilled Immigration Offers Extra Points For PR Applicants

The Australia Immigration Minister, David Coleman announced the revised point system for General Skilled Migration Program and Subclass 491.

Updated Australia Immigration Rules w.e.f July 1st, 2018

Australia Immigration department is revamping its immigration rules from 1st July 2018 onwards. There has been series of reforms on various skilled visa categories in Australia Immigration program. The immigration programs are changing to sharpen the focus of skilled migration programs to meet Australia skill needs. Check the latest Australia Immigration updates 2019! Read Here...

Australia Removed Occupation from the Demand List:-

Australia Immigration department keeps on updating their Australia Combined Occupation Demand List keeping in mind the occupations which they need in Australia currently. Although, there are plethora of job opportunities for the highly skilled and qualified workers, but there are certain occupations which Australia do not need, may be because of their excess demand in the country or low level of participation in the Australian economy. Well, if your occupation falls under any of these mentioned occupations, you don’t need to worry about your non-eligibility to apply for Australia PR Visa, you may opt for other Australia PR channels.

Following are the occupations that are entirely removed from the list of eligible skilled occupations as on July 1 2017. Out of these occupations, nine were eligible for 457 and 186 visas on 19 April 2017 (marked by ^)

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Occupation ANZSCO code
Equipment Hire Manager^ 149915
Fleet Manager^ 149411
Picture Framer^ 394212
Property Manager^ 612112
Psychotherapist^ 272314
Real Estate Agent Principal^ 612113
Real Estate Agent^ 612114
Real Estate Agent Representative^ 612115
Ship’s Engineer 231212
Ship’s Master 231213
Ship’s Officer 231214
University Tutor^ 242112

As of now, following rules and policies are prevailing that the migrants should keep in mind-

  • To apply as a skill worker, Australia runs General Skilled Migration program (GSM) which is divided into three subclass namely 189, Visa 190, and Visa 491.
  • There are three clearances which needs to be taken care of no matter what program you choose. These are-
    1. Language proficiency test: To migrate to Australia, the applicant needs to prove his/her language proficiency via various English test such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
    2. Medical Clearance: Each member from the applicant’s family is required to undergo a medical examination. It doesn’t matter if that family member is accompanying the applicant or not. The medical test is mandatory under all three sub-class of visas.
    3. Character clearance: A police clearance certificate need to be submitted by the applicant
  • According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) , the maximum age to apply for PR Australia is 45 at the time of application lodgment before March 2017 and March 2019. This has further been changed to under 45 years of age from March 2019.
  • To be able to procure an Australian PR, you need to check if your occupation or profession is listed under updated occupation demand list of Australia. The department of Employment will update the occupation lists every six months. If your profession is not mentioned in the list, it means that your profile is not in demand in the labor market at that time. The list gets updated every July of the year. The top 10 growing professions in Australia as of 2019 are-
    1. Education and Training
    2. Medical
    3. Building Trades
    4. Information and Communication
    5. Technology
    6. Design and Architecture
    7. Alternative Energy
    8. Marketing
    9. Event planning
    10. Translators
  • Following occupations are removed from the Short term Skill Occupational List (STSOL) as of now:
    1. Accommodation and Hospitality Manager
    2. Building Associate
    3. Recruitment Consultant
    4. Hair Beauty Salon Manager
  • Applicants applying for Australia PR should have a minimum three years of working experience in the particular occupation from March 2018.
  • After spending 3 years consecutively in Australia, you become eligible to take up Australian citizenship. However, according to the latest uproars, Australian government has made some strict movements around getting citizenship. The citizenship test is now, not going to be a cakewalk. There is a particular focus on English-language proficiency, in which applicants are required to pass a “higher-standard” language test to qualify for citizenship. They will also have to wait for another two years to retake the test should they fail it three times in a row.
  • From initiating the Australian PR process to actually getting your PR, there is involvement of about 7 months of time. Keeping in mind the eager stance of the applicants, Australian department has now initiated an online list of processing times. Thus, applicants can now check their processing time status online.
  • At the time of invitation, the applicant must meet the minimum pass points in assessment which is 65 out of 100, can be calculated by Australia Point Calculator.However, under visa sub-class 190, the minimum score is 55 out of 100 because 5 points will be awarded from the sponsor state. Similarly, under visa sub-class 491, your minimum score must be 50 out of 100 as 10 points will be awarded by the regional state.
  • An important component for obtaining Australian PR IS Expression of Interest (EOI). Under the procedure, you will be asked general questions in connection with your skills, work experience and history, background check, etc. This information is crucial and therefore should be true by all means as this is viewed by the Australian authorities and employers from Australian companies. Any abnormality in this information can land you in trouble. Make sure to provide the right information and facts.Know more about EOI processing time.
  • Australian government is very concerned of the fact that after coming to their country, you are going to be financially capable and therefore, under visa sub-class 190 (depends on state to state) and 489, you are required to show your funds. It may be cash-in-hand, property, gold, vehicle, provident fund, etc. These rules and policies for Australian immigration keeps on shifting from time to time.

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The list keeps on updating, sometimes, the occupations come back, sometimes they don’t, sometimes other are added to the removed list. Hence, the whole scenario related to Australia occupational demand list is quite different and unique. For this, you must stay updated with the latest immigration updates to save and plan your Australia PR process. Aptech Global provides accurate and up to date information about the Australia PR process.

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