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Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 190 Updates

Australia state nominated visa is taken by thousands of potential applicants who have applied under different state nomination programs. Every state under visa 190 keeps on updating their immigration policies and thus, it is important to be well acquainted with the latest immigration happenings under Australia state nominated visa 190 subclass.

190 visa includes all the state nomination programs namely Canberra, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia Nomination Programs therefore, it becomes quite difficult to follow each and every program updated information. With this page, we are trying to focus primarily on all the latest information, news, policies changes, new rules, etc. to help the potential applicants understand visa 190 subclass better.

Every state has different round of invitation results, some may invite the applicant with 65 points whereas some states may invite with 75 points. It totally depends upon the labor requirements and the occupational demand.

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The updates related to new invitation round results, changes in the state visa rules, processing time, occupational list changes and many more important information will be updated on a regular basis.

You can also visit the Aptech Global news section to know more about the changes implemented under Australia state nominated visa.

Here is the latest updates about Australia State Nominated Visa 190 which may help you in your Australia Permanent Residency process.

South Australia Skilled Migration visa subclass 489 updates 2019

Immigration South Australia has received large number of applications since the program opened in July 2019. The Department of Home Affairs has notified that 10 September 2019 is the last day for states and territories to accept applications under visa subclass 489 skillselect. Read more...

New South Wales Nomination Program re-opens July 2019

New South Wales Nomination Program is now open for the skilled and qualified migrants to apply for Australia State Nomination Program Visa Subclass 190. The program was last closed on June 26, 2019. Read more...

Canberra released ACT Occupations for Skilled Nomination and Invitation Round Results w.e.f. July 1, 2019

The Australian Capital Territory has released new occupations list with effect from 1 July 2019 for skilled migration programs. The applicants applying for Canberra Nomination Program visa subclass 190 should have their occupation listed on this new ACT demand list before applying for Australia Permanent Resident Visa. Read more...

Western Australia Requires “Chefs” Urgently For Skill Migration 2019

Western Australia is in urgent shortage of chefs, with two few cooks to fill vacancies at restaurants, cafes and bistros. The new figures from the Federal Government’s Department of Jobs and Small Business show only two in every five chef vacancies have been filled so far. The lack of skill migration visa shortage is to be blamed for in-occupancy of chefs. Read more...

Australian Immigration Latest Updates For Victoria State Sponsorship Program 2019

Victoria the state of Australia brings new opportunity for the overseas skilled workers who applied for visa 190 and visa 489. As per the new update announced a new online system will be launched for Victoria's Skilled Migration and Business migration programs. According to the new online system Read more...

Australian Immigration - ACT State Sponsorship Round Results 2019

Australian Capital Territory, the capital city of Australia conducted the latest invitation for visa 190 on 11th June 2019. The applicants applying for ACT State Sponsorship Program are required to file the Canberra Matrix. The selected applicants who received an invitation can apply for state sponsorship of ACT. Read more...

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