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Australia Parent Visa

The parent visa allows you to live in Australia if you are a parent of Australian citizen, permanent resident and eligible New Zealand citizen. There are different visa subclasses under this visa through which you can live in Australia temporary or permanent according to your requirement. This visa allows you to avail multiple benefits which are having by other Australian parents. There are two ways to get the Parent.

Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143/173)

  • Australia Parent Visa Program Subclass 143: This visa lets parent to live in Australia with his/her Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen permanently. It is a permanent visa and the basic condition is the sponsor of this visa must live lawfully and legally from past two year before the lodging the application.
  • Australia Parent Sponsorship Program Subclass 173: It is an Australian Parent Visa which allows a parent to live in Australia with his/her Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to live for two years. It is a temporary visa and cannot be extended or renewed.
  • Australia Parent Visa Subclass 864: Parents aged over 65 can also lodge a contributory parent visa whilst onshore on a valid visa.This visa lets older parents live permanently in Australia if their child is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who is settled in Australia.

Non-contributory Visa (subclass 103/804)

  • Australia Parent Visa Program Subclass 103: If parent have child in Australia who is already an Australian citizen, permanent residence or eligible New Zealand citizen, then they can apply for this visa and can live permanently in Australia along with child. This visa can le long waiting times of up to 30 years before getting this visa.
  • Australia Parent Visa Program Subclass 804: It is an Aged Parent Visa which gives opportunity to those older parents who have their child as an Australian citizen, permanent residence or eligible New Zealand citizen to live with them. This visa allows permanent living feature to Aged Parent.

What is the difference between contributory and non-contributory parent visa? +

The contributory visa category does not required regular sponsored parent, aged parent and remaining relative visas. The time taken to grant this visa lesser than non-contributory visa also it costs high.

Whereas, the non-contributory visa category includes regular sponsored parent, aged parent, carers and remaining relative visas. Applicants in the parent (non-contributory) category have a significantly longer wait for applications to be finalised, while contributory applicants are given a higher priority.

Benefits of Australia Parent Visa Program

The Parent Visa will privilege you with:

  • Provides you right to live in Australia (temporary or permanent)
  • You may study & work while staying in Australia
  • Applicant can enrol for free Medicare services
  • Permanent parent visa holder can sponsor their relatives
  • Apply for citizenship (if applicable)
  • Travel to other countries with Parent Visa

Who Can Apply Australia Parent Visa Program?

If you meet with the following conditions, then you can sponsor your parent:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Living lawfully in Australia
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • a relative of the applicant or if specified in the eligibility criteria for the relevant visa class, a cohabiting partner of the relative of the applicant
  • be settled and resident in Australia at the time the application is lodged

Can I include my child who is over 18 in my application? +

To include your adult child in a visa application you must be able to prove that they are dependent on you. Issues of 'dependence' with adult applicants are very complex in Australian migration law. Because of this we advise that you discuss this with one of our experienced advisors before proceeding any further with your application. Know first requirements for an included child

Determine Eligibility for Australia Parent Visa Program

A parent has to fulfil the required eligibility criteria in order to get the Australian Parent Visa, if:

  • You are outside Australia.
  • Meet the balance-of-family test
  • Applicant is parent of Australian citizen, Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who have been living for 2+ years in Australia.
  • You must have good moral conduct and health.
  • You must not have any outstanding debts to Australian government or have arrangements to pay the debts.

How long can I stay in Australia on a parent category visa? +

A parent category visa allows you to:

  • Live in Australia for up to 2 years as a temporary resident, or
  • Live in Australia as an Australian permanent resident.

Australia Parent Visa Program Charges

The following charges will cost for Parent Visa in a specific subclass:

Visa Subclass Base Application Charge Additional applicant charges 18 & over Additional applicant charge under 18
Subclass 103 $3870 $1935 $970
Subclass 804 $3870 $1935 $970
Subclass 143 $2370 $1185 $595
Subclass 173 $2490 $1245 $625

Additional Charges: Aptech Global Services charges.

Australia Parent Visa Program Processing Time

Aptech Global Services processing times for Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143/173/864):

  • 75 per cent of applications processed in 2 years
  • 90 per cent of applications processed in 3 years

For more information Contact Aptech Global Services

Aptech Global Services processing times for Non-Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 103/804):

  • 75 per cent of applications processed in 4 years
  • 90 per cent of applications processed in 6 years

I have lodged an application for a Contributory Parent visa. How long will it take to be granted? +

Visa application processing times are difficult to estimate with certainty, but as a general rule we are seeing subclass 143 and 173 Contributory Parent visa applications being processed to a decision in about 24-36 months. Lodge your application

What is assurance of support? +

When you apply for your Parent Visa in a Permanent Residency category you are required to provide an assurance of support. Consult with our expert to know how to do it

You may take help of the specialists at Aptech Visa by simply filling the Free Assessment form available on this page or you may Contact No: 011-47020730/ 7503832132 (Delhi) or mail at: or

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