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What Will Happen If I Marry Before I Granted The Marriage Prospective Visa ?

Marriage Prospective Visa is a temporary visa which allows you to marry your spouse living in Australia. This visa is valid for 9 months from when the visa is granted. If you are granted this visa, you must marry your prospective spouse within 9 months in Australia.

However, if you marry before your prospective marriage visa is granted, you will have to provide the evidence based on your marriage for a partner visa application.

You may require evidence in four categories and they are:

  1. Financial Aspects
  2. The nature of the household
  3. Social context of the relationship
  4. The nature of your commitment to each other

Therefore, you need to provide all the relevant proofs of the above mentioned points, so that the Australian immigration officials believe you.

The proof of finances used in your marriage, social context of the relationship, for how long you have known each other and for how many years are you planning to stay together.

You must prove the immigration officials that you intend to live with your husband/life for a very long time.

To know more about the prospective marriage visa and how your marriage can affect the chances of your visa approval, you may contact our specialists who can give you the proper and accurate information.

Further, fill the FREE assessment form to arrange a call back from the visa counsellors of ‘Aptech Global’.

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