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What Is The Proactive Condition For a 190 Visa In NSW Australia ?

190 visa is also fondly known as Australia state sponsor visa. Skill nominated visa allows skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia and have been nominated by an Australian state or territory. The candidates have to score 60 points in the skilled immigration points test to be eligible for subclass 190 visa.

This Australian State Nominated Permanent Visa requires a skilled worker to be nominated by a Territory or State Government. Each state/territory maintains a list of occupations which are in short supply or belong to any special criteria.

Coming back to the New South Wales, skilled nominated (190) visa New South Wales is a skilled migration program which attracts highly skilled people in a range of occupation to contribute to NSW skills needs.

For their 190 program, NSW has a selection based invitation process in which NSW selects and invites the most suitable candidate from the skill select to apply for NSW nomination.

Also, the immigration officers of NSW makes sure that they provide Skilled Nominated Visa 190 NSW only to those who are aligned to the skill needs of NSW.

Additionally, there is a proactive condition that you must have a state sponsorship based on your points and date of submission of EOI.

If you get a nomination from NSW, you will automatically get five extra points of state sponsorship which will be added to your overall point score.

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