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What is The Average Wait Time For a Partner Visa in Australia ?

Partner visa allows you or your partner/de facto partner who has a citizenship of Australia, permanent residency or citizenship of New Zealand to apply under subclass 100 and become a permanent resident of Australia.

The key important thing to apply for this visa is that a relationship should be genuine and long lasting, must have a secure future and both the partners should be together by their own will.

A temporary visa (provisional) subclass 309 is granted till the time the permanent residency visa is processed.

Following requirements are to be fulfilled to get a Partner Visa in Australia:

  • You are a spouse/de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen
  • You should be outside Australia when applying for this visa
  • Show genuine intention to live with spouse/partner
  • Meet the health and character requirements
  • Meets the relationship criteria and other requirements

After the requirements are met, the application is processed and generally the average wait time is:

  • 75 percent applications are processed in 11 months
  • 90 percent applications are processed in 15 months

You will avail the following benefits if you are granted partner visa:

  • No time limit to stay in Australia
  • Work and study anywhere in Australia
  • Can apply for Australian citizenship
  • Can sponsor an eligible relatives for permanent residency
  • Can travel to and from Australia for up to 5 years


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